Tuesday, July 31, 2007

david coverversion: richard thompson vs. the del mccoury band

bluegrass legend del mccoury's voice is a textbook case of what a bluegrass tenor singer should sound like. he's been keeping the scene alive since 1958, but it was in 1963 when he first played the grand ole opry as the banjo player in bill monroe's bluegrass boys that he really stepped up. since forming the del mccoury band in the late 60's, originally del mccoury and the dixie pals, he now has his son ronnie playing killing the mandolin (since 1981) and his other son robbie acting the same way on the banjo (since 1987). covering richie's '1952 vincent black lightning' for their 2001 album 'del and the boys' would evertually lead them to an ibma award for song of the year in 2002. the same album also hosts 'all aboard' which is way badass as well. so far, del has amassed a total of 31 ibma's and 1 grammy. click here to read what i would put here about richard thompson, who had help by way of nanci griffith when he sang his version for the sessions at west 54th program, which aired on pbs for three awesome seasons. if anyone knows where a list of seasons two and three can be found, send us an postcard to here.

richard thompson & nanci griffith - 1952 vincent black lightning
the del mccoury band - 1952 vincent black lightning

the del mccoury band - all aboard

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interpol & calla last night

too bad the show is at the rave. well, i had forgotten that since the last time interpol played the rave they have since replaced the sound system and had realized that the rave was now a reputable venue, proven last year when the kings of leon set it on fire and the secret machines burnt it down when they toured together. so i guess too bad the show wasn't in madison--or at least it wasn't in chicago. either way, the glass contained whiskey.

we missed calla, but interpol sounded great. and if great was funny, then it was almost as great as the girl who walked thru the crowd then stopped, fell over and passed out at our feet. the surrounding people looked at her, then looked at each other, then looked at her again, then looked at each other again, then some looked back at the show, and some looked back at her, and then she woke up got up and walked away, then everyone without saying a word to each other went back to looking at the show. little known fact: the dude from the killers is now in interpol as the bass player. who knew? another little known fact: although i have no photographic proof from the show as camera phones are for mullets and upskirts only, but it appears that hitler may have been resurrected and as a punishment he was sent to play keyboards for interpol. i'm almost certain it was dave scher from all night radio, the tyde, and the beachwood sparks. if anyone has photographic proof proving otherwise, send it, or we'll just assume hitler is still getting wobbly h'd by the devil and a centaur in hell.

boss tuneage tuesday 7/31

blah blah blah. blah.

the crystal method - comin' back
elbow - leaders of the free world
m. ward - chinese translation
isobel campbell & mark lanegan - (do you wanna) come walk with me
kris kristofferson - the pilgrim: chapter 33 (hang in, hopper)
the high strung - the songbird
the libertines - campaign of hate
grandaddy - stray dog and the chocolate shake
pulp - roadkill
gogol bordello - think locally fuck globally
ripesensor - everything is white out there
canned heat - on the road again

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Monday, July 30, 2007

interpol & calla tonight

too bad the show is at the rave. just kidding, nerds. (updated 7/31)

interpol - the heinrich maneuver

interpol - c'mere

calla - strangler

calla - sanctify

Sunday, July 29, 2007

those blackcowboy songs

from the album '2'

track 5

track 6
track 9

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Saturday, July 28, 2007


so as it turns out, my now ex-boss had demons or so they told me. demons that were getting in the way of paying employees and making sure they weren't stranded somewhere in butthole(,) texas. so i walked. i figured if i'm out 3 weeks pay that's better than being out 3 months. now i'm not going to divulge what demons were dealing the affliction, per say, but i'll leave some clues for you to play sherlock holmes for a minute.

baxter dury - cocaine man
old crow medicine show - cocaine habit
curtis mayfield - no thing on me (cocaine song)
eric clapton - cocaine
supersuckers - ron's got the cocaine
johnny cash - cocaine blues
immortal technique - peruvian cocaine
pulp - cocaine socialism
the rolling stones - can't you hear me knocking

now i know the rolling stones song doesn't give it away as well as the rest, it does, however, start off the movie 'blow' with such a bang that it was included.

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better than mtv

mojo nixon - debbie gibson is pregnant with my two-headed love child

dr. hook - cover of the rolling stone

dead milkmen - punk rock girl

arcade fire - intervention

antony and the johnsons - my lady story

Thursday, July 26, 2007

david coverversion: the raveonettes vs. buddy holly vs. rogue wave

if i remember correctly, danish duo the raveonettes hit the scene around the same time as other duos like the white stripes, the black keys, douche from above 1979, the fiery furnaces, the dresden dolls, and so forth. i only remember that because cockgrabbing rags like spin and rolling stone went gaga over this two person band coincidence. anyways, releasing an excellent ep before two stellar proper albums, the raveonettes wear their influences on their sleeve--as shown by their choices of covers. here they give us a great rendition of the buddy holly classic 'everyday'. i guess that is a little redundant as all of buddy holly's tunes are classics. for the same video game that the walkmen covered the drifters 'there goes my baby' for, oakland indie outfit rogue wave gives us an their take of the same song ('everyday'), and it's equally as good. different hipsters (lame) with different takes on a simple song (noice).

buddy holly - everyday
the raveonettes - everyday
rogue wave - everyday

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artsy fartsy

i don't usually go for this artsy fartsy shit, but this is sweet

more zach galifianakis

dude, serial.

thanks chriscoyier.

Monday, July 23, 2007

more side a track ones

man, i'm getting some quality listening in. revisiting some old favorites and going thru some new shit. i wonder if the other contributors know that they can do shit like this if they want. well, i don't actually wonder that, but they can.

elliot smith - needle in the hay from 'elliot smith'
franz ferdinand - jacqueline from 'franz ferdinand'
funkadelic - maggot brain from 'maggot brain'
social distortion - dear lover from 'white light white heat white trash'
neil young - walk on from 'on the beach'
pela - waiting on the stairs from 'anytown graffiti'
rjd2 - the horror from 'deadringer'

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better than mtv

rodrigo y gabriela - tamacun

the elected - not going home

the white stripes - jolene

yes - heart of the sunrise

my bloody valentine - only shallow

Sunday, July 22, 2007

david coverversion: mike ness vs. bob dylan vs. the white stripes

hotel boredom indeed, but hotel boredom in little rock, arkansas is worse than anything. first off, they don't sell beer in this cursed state on sundays. wtf mate? southern baptists are the worst. secondly, it's a $25 dollar cab ride to anywhere should i feel the need to eat. lamesauce is correct. so i guess i'll just keep updating this blog that no one reads. tits! for his first solo venture, mike ness cranked up the rockabilly missing from his social distorion records. not that his straight ahead punk isn't good, i'm just sweet on rockabilly. on 'cheating at solitaire' he gives us a rocking good time with his cover of bobby's 'don't think twice, it's alright', which happens to be my favorite dylan tune. bruce springsteen and members of royal crown revue have guest spots on cheating, and mikey covers a few others for the record--'you win again' by hank williams and the country standard 'long black veil'. again for their first record, the white stripes deliver another cover, this time is the guise of dylan's 'one more cup of coffee' from his record 'the freewheelin' bob dylan'. personally, i think the organ in this song it what makes it go above other versions. mike ness knows it, jack white knows it and so do i, bob dylan is for the byrds, though in other hands it's not bad at all. (sorry about all the dylan david coverversion's but there's a lot of them out there. also, kiss my grits if it bothers you.)

mike ness - don't think twice, it's alright
bob dylan - don't think twice, it's alright
bob dylan - one more cup of coffee
the white stripes - one more cup of coffee

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david coverversion: johnny cash vs. the brakes (brakesbrakesbrakes)

so while i wait to arrive at a record store that carries brakesbrakesbrakes (the brakes in the uk) newest album, 'the beatific visions', which was released last november, i'm still spinning 'give blood'. on their first album (of which a d.c. was done on the jesus and mary chain song they covered sometime previous) they also give us a version of the country standard 'jackson'. the most popular version was a grammy winning take released by johnny cash on one of his live releases 'at folsom prison', with june carter singing along with the man in black. the brakes' version has leila moss, singer for the uk based blues-rock band the duke spirit, singing june's parts. also added for shits and giggles is lee hazelwood and nancy sinatra's 1968 take on the loss of fire in our romance song, as i just remembered i had that disc as well.

johnny cash with june carter - jackson
the brakes (brakesbrakesbrakes) - jackson

lee hazelwood and nancy sinatra - jackson

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david coverversion: the yardbirds vs. possum dixon

the yardbirds were known for having an amazing guitari line-up; eric clapton, jeff beck, and jimmy page-- though not all three at the same time (jeff beck and jimmy page were, but clapton was solo). also, they made pretty good blues based music that crept into psychedelia. los angeles alteranerds possum dixon give a sweet interpretation of, arguably, the yardbirds best song--'for your love'. possum dixon released two under the radar albums, that you can almost always find on ebay for cheap, before releasing their last album 'new sheets' produced by ric ocasek. that's right, their label was trying to cash them in on that weezer sound. not that their last album isn't good, you can just tell some label douche nozzle was like 'make them sound like that sweater band, that should sell. high five. radical. but if it doesn't those fucking punks are dropped.' so, all three possum dixon albums come highly recommended, just the first two, 'possum dixon' and 'star maps' are a little more psychedelic and original than the last. also added are a couple other good rare possum dixon b-sides. do it.

the yardbirds - for your love
possum dixon - for your love

possum dixon - overdriving
possum dixon - farewell my lovely
possum dixon - bathroom

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david coverversion: magnetic fields vs. arcade fire

so we all know the arcade fire blew everyone's minds with 'funeral' and then came charging back with the stellar 'neon bible'. now i don't want to brag and all, but when i was in high school in new hampshire at merrimack, we played phillips-exeter in soccer and kicked the living shit out of them. you might be asking yourself 'why does this matter, you asshole braggart?' well, lemme tell you that win butler happened to be attending the hoity-toity private academy at the time. why don't you write a charging ballad about that, win? eh? anyways, pigeon kicking's own nicholas has a huge hetero-boner for stephen merritt's magnetic fields. thru him, i became familiar with all of stephen's project; the 6ths, future bible heroes, the gothic archies, etc... now enjoy the arcade fire's interpretation of nicholas' favorite magnetic fields song 'born on a train' while i continue watching 'batman begins'. it's totally excellent (the song, and maybe the movie).

magnetic fields - born on a train
arcade fire
- born on a train

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

david coverversion: rufus wainwright vs. the beatles vs. the country gentlemen

that live country gentlemen record is still spinning. a-getting spun like a girl who got too few or too many hugs from her daddy. dudes slay. this record's version of matterhorn is top notch, as is their version of john denver's 'take me home, country roads', which might get a david of it's own. probably later, don't want to oversaturate the scene, you know. anywho, charlie and co. breakdown the beatles 'yesterday' to utter perfection which i'm sure led to stacking tons of japanese cougars backstage in their rooms. the beatles are this new band that almost ruined music, totally not worth checking out. pussies. foreskin nibbler rufus wainwright contributed 'across the universe' to the beatles tribute album known as the 'i am sam' soundtrack. one of the greatest musical ironies has to be the song 'rufus is a tit man' written by his father, loudon wainwright III. rufus' earlier albums are a good place to start if you're new to the scene. maybe i haven't given his new record enough rotations, but it seems like he was a little lazy with the songwriting this time around. yes i know it's two in 6 hours, but consider this two for saturday or something, lame-o who cares-o.

the country gentlemen - yesterday
the beatles - yesterday
the beatles - across the universe
rufus wainwright
- across the universe

the country gentlemen - matterhorn

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david coverversion: roy rogers vs. louis armstrong vs. the white stripes

although roy rogers didn't write 'don't fence me in', it was his version that most people know. teaming up with the sons of the pioneers, he had sung it in two different movies, 'hollywood canteen' and 'don't fence me in', which he also starred in. bing crosby recorded a million selling version that reached #1 on the charts, so maybe that's the most famous version. not bad for a child abuser. louis armstrong teamed up with velma middleton for a jazzy interpretation of this hillbilly number, and he also recorded a version of the anonymously written 'st. james infirmary blues'. so many people have given various versions of this song the list would go on and on, but here's a few you might not have thought about; isobel campbell and mark lanegan, oingo boingo (danny elfman's band...you know who danny elfman is right? no? jesus christ you're superlame), doc watson, the stray cats, and the animals. the white stripes did a version for their first record that's just boffo. then again, jack white could play any song from 1930 and previous and it would be sweet.

roy rogers - don't fence me in
louis armstrong -
don't fence me in
louis armstrong - st. james infirmary blues
the white stripes -
st. james infirmary blues

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

french kicks explain their drums

kool keith

kool keith has more aliases than fu manchu had candles on his birthday cake and all of it is way better than any of that bullshit you'd hear from some cuntrocket rapper you'd see on cribs. check any of his shit out--highly worth your time. now i'd write more, not that i don't have time, i'm just still on a ridiculous lazy streak.

dr. dooom - neighbors next door
dr. octagon - halfsharkalligatorhalfman
sergei khmelev - u jerk chickens
matthew - f-u m.f.
mr. nogatco - dark space
project polaroid - talk to the romans
diesel truckers - diesel truckers theme
kool keith - little girls
ultra - get off the dick
thee undatakerz - for whom the bell tolls
black elvis - lost in space
analog brothers - 2005

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

david coverversion: bob dylan vs. the country gentlemen

yet another version of a bob dylan song. weird? it's another kick ass bluegrass version of a (this time) kinda lame version by your pal bobby. this version of 'copper kettle', originally on 'self portrait' is completely killed by the country gentlemen off their live record 'live in japan' from back in 1975. more than 100 members have been in the country gentlemen since its conception back on july 4th 1957, but charlie waller was the only permanent member until his death a few years ago. other members include john duffey, doyle lawson, bill emerson, and ricky skaggs to name a few, and offshoot bands include doyle lawson & quicksilver and the seldom scene. the live disc is highly recommended and as it turns out, japanese people love bluegrass and understand that bob dylan is for the byrds.

bob dylan - copper kettle
the country gentlemen - copper kettle

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boss tuneage tuesday 7/17

live from the road. enjoy these, lee harvey.

blo - chant to mother earth
albert hammond, jr. - back to the 101
screaming trees - nearly lost you
jose gonzalez - broken arrows
...and you will know us by the trail of dead - caterwaul
deltron3030 - positive contact
calla - swagger
the verve - beautiful mind
baxter dury - francesca's party
radar bros. - is that blood?
lester flatt - roll in my sweet baby's arms
funkadelic - can you get to that

in other things boss, the verve reunited.

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Monday, July 16, 2007

this is kind of a big deal

this is kind of a big deal


i don't know much about blackcowboy except for they did the soundtrack to one of the greatest things ever. here. i have a cd of theirs that's pretty good as well and will soon post some songs from that. maybe.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

better than mtv

the black heart procession - guess i'll forget you

the silent league - catbird seat

orchestra baobab - columba

the decemberists - the mariner's revenge song

townes van zandt - waiting 'round to die

Friday, July 13, 2007

david coverversion: bruce springsteen vs. junip

junip, also known as the band that jose gonzales is in, gives us a terrific version of the boss' 'the ghost of tom joad'. now everyone knows rage against the machine's totally competent version released a few years back but this time around someone kept the chill in. 'the black refuge EP' that houses this song is just as good jose's solo debut 'veneer', both of which are highly recommended. but, there are way better albums from the boss than 'the ghost of tom joad', like 'nebraska', 'born to run', or his latest 'we shall overcome: the seeger sessions' (the latter being superduper tits.) hey, i'd write more about how good this fucking song is, but i'm about to drive to and spend three days in cincinnati, which seems like a fit punishment for laziness. it's good when bands keep the suck notch turned way down. boss.

bruce springsteen - the ghost of tom joad
junip -
the ghost of tom joad

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Passive Aggressive Poop

New band name?

French House

if you were wondering "just what good is france anyway?" i just might have an answer. check out daft punk's set from last year's coachella.


start it and clean your apartment or something. it's like an hour... give or take an hour.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


the last thing you hear from an album is important. it's the last message from the artist to the listener, the last sound until they come around again. when an album closes out i like it when i say to myself, "that was sweet. i can't wait for the next thing this collective is going to say to me, but in the meantime let's fucking hear that again." so, without any further ramblings.

dire straits - brothers in arms from 'brothers in arms'
creedence clearwater revival - effigy from 'willy and the poor boys'
the warlocks - oh shadie from 'the phoenix album'
band of horses - st. augustine from 'everything all the time'
ratatat - tacobel canon from 'classics'
interpol - leif erikson from 'turn on the bright lights'
clinic - fingers from 'winchester catherdral'

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

major league

due to subtleties, you might not know how awesome the soundtrack to the movie 'major league' is. i mean, yeah its got bob uecker and corbin 'the dentist' bernsen, but for me, a soundtrack that helps the movie move along and define scenes is a big part of every movie. and 'major league' is no exception. some videos first.

various scene

bob uecker's other career

a music video made for the movie 'the dentist'

the troggs - wild thing
the troggs - wild thing
the troggs - wild thing
the troggs - wild thing
the troggs - wild thing
the troggs - wild thing
the troggs - wild thing
the troggs - wild thing
the troggs - wild thing
the troggs - wild thing
the troggs - wild thing

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evans blew?

who knows? we'll see in a month. come support the scene, nancyboy. you'll probably* get in free if you bring a hipster (or certainly* if it's a hippy for that matter) for sacrifice. killer brah!

evans blue
Jul 12 2007 7:00P
The Machine Shop Flint, Michigan
Jul 13 2007 8:00P
The Intersection Grand Rapids, Michigan
Jul 14 2007 7:00P
Bogart's Cincinnati, Ohio
Jul 17 2007 7:00P
Austin's Saloon Libertyville, Illinois
Jul 18 2007 7:00P
The Rave Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Jul 19 2007 12:00P
Dane County Coliseum Grounds Madison, Wisconsin
Jul 21 2007 4:45P
K-Rockathon at Cayuga County Speedway Weedsport, New York
Jul 23 2007 7:00P
Juanita's Little Rock, Arkansas
Jul 24 2007 7:30P
Meridian - CD RELEASE PARTY Houston, Texas
Jul 25 2007 7:30P
House of Blues - CD RELEASE PARTY Dallas, Texas
Jul 27 2007 7:00P
Sunshine Theatre Albuquerque, New Mexico
Jul 28 2007 6:30P
Marquee Theatre Tempe, Arizona
Jul 29 2007 7:00P
Club 101 El Paso, Texas
Jul 31 2007 7:00P
Old Kelly's Abilene, Texas
Aug 1 2007 8:00P
White Rabbit San Antonio, Texas
Aug 3 2007 7:00P
Flashback's Nightclub Wichita, Kansas
Aug 4 2007 8:00P
The Black Sheep Colorado Springs, Colorado
Aug 5 2007 6:00P
Coors Amphitheatre Englewood, Colorado
Aug 7 2007 7:00P
The Avalon Theater Salt Lake City, Utah
Aug 10 2007 12:00P
X-FEST at Idaho Centre Nampa, Idaho
Aug 11 2007 11:00A
Cheney Stadium Tacoma, Washington
Aug 12 2007 7:00P
Big Easy Spokane, Washington

*probably not true

this is great

this page is great.

from this article.

david coverversion: big star vs. placebo vs. the velvet underground vs. elliot smith

big star is criminally under-known, especially in this day and age of super-quick and ultra-reliable internet information. you've probably already heard alex chilton's voice on the 1967 number one hit 'the letter' by the box tops. anyways, forming in 1971, big star only released three now-critically-acclaimed-but-then-they- were-under-the-radar records full of fairly stellar pop song writing. '#1 record' housed the song 'thirteen' that was covered by elliot smith for the soundtrack to 'thumbsucker' and then was released again on 'from a basement on a hill 2', the collection posthumously released mostly comprising of outtakes from 'from a basement on a hill'. 'third/sister lovers' contains the buzz killer 'holocaust' covered live somewhere by the androgynous placebo, as well as big star's version of 'femme fatale' by the velvet underground, whoever they are. also, check out big star's 2nd album 'radio city'. that is all.

big star - femme fatale
the velvet underground - femme fatale

big star - thirteen
elliot smith - thirteen

big star - holocaust
placebo - holocaust

the box tops - the letter

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david coverversion: merle travis vs. johnny cash

gary glitter has a hard spot in his british pants for minors, while merle travis had a soft spot in his kentucky heart for miners. maybe it's because he was from muhlenberg county, the very same coal miner county that john prine sings about in his song 'paradise'. having written such coal miner exploitation songs as 'sixteen tons' and 'dark as a dungeon', merle travis was best known for his guitar playing known as "travis picking" and is obviously named after the way he picked his guitar. here johnny cash gives us his take on merle's 'dark as a dungeon'. johnny cash was also caught with like 1200 amphetamine pills while crossing back into the usa from mexico. ok usa!

merle travis - dark as a dungeon
johnny cash - dark as a dungeon

john prine - paradise

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Monday, July 9, 2007


after a real tiny amount of internet searching. here. the angry christian letters are pretty funny. also, from the thewavemag.com is this totally sweet run down of van damme's film career. found in this article is the hilarious capalert. do yourself a favor and search the cap website, if you're in need of a laugh.

very good, but brick not hit back

Saturday, July 7, 2007

david coverversion: alejandro escovedo vs. the velvet underground

i know we mean to talk much more about the velvet underground, but shit is old and everyone knows about it. doesn't mean it isn't sweet tits, just a lot has been said and i'd feel like i was on repeater. i also know i just posted a different alejandro escovedo david coverversion not too long ago, but fuck it, i'm still listening to the album and always listening to the velvets--so lick my butt and suck on my balls. anywho, ol allie here gives us his version of lou reed's 'pale blue eyes'. blah blah blah bling bling bling blah.

the velvet underground - pale blue eyes
alejandro escovedo - pale blue eyes

ps. if you're a lyrics nerdlinger, this lou reed book is pretty cool as well. odd in some places, but cool.

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better than mtv

reporter: do you think ringo starr is the best drummer in the world?
john lennon: ringo starr isn't even the best drummer in the beatles.

the beatles - and i love her

2pac - to live and die in la

the twilight singers - candy cane crawl

vincent gallo - apple girl

tv on the radio - wolf like me

Friday, July 6, 2007

the frogs are funnier than you

i remember first hearing of the frogs back in 1996 when keyboardist jonathan melvoin od'd on a hot dose while touring with the smashing pumpkins. the replacement was none other than dennis flemion of the frogs. hailing from milwaukee, wi, the frogs started up in 1980 but didn't release material until almost 1990. the band consisting of two brothers, the previously mentioned dennis and jimmy, who are way funnier than you. it would seem that superheroes ween have most certainly taken a page from the book of frogs, but that is just an assumption. anyways, any of the albums that the frogs have released are a mixture between great and superhilarious and all come highly recommended if you like music that doesn't take itself too seriously or serious at all for that matter. try 'it's only right and natural', 'racially yours' or 'my daughter the broad' to start with, then go get their homemade video 'toy porno'. then lighten up, nerds.

hot cock annie
i'm sad the goat just died today
someone's pinning me down
i'm hungry
god is gay
dykes are we
which one of you gave my daughter the dope?

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Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Name Game

i thought a good way to introduce myself to this spot would be by offending some people that i think have far too little suffering in their life. stop me if i sound too much like george carlin with this (and by "stop" i mean shut up and keep reading) but the number of terrible names being given to children doesn't seem to be tapering off like we had hoped.

i spent the 4th of july with my gf, her family and another trio that was friends with the gf's sister. at first they seemed like nice people then i heard what they named their child. meet baby caiden. you would think that i'd immediately punch this adorable one year old in the face but he was far too young to understand why i would straight up jack a child right in his talkmaker upon hearing his name. of course, the point of such an assault (quickly followed by "that's what you get for what your parents did to you") would be to get them to despise their parents.

after distancing myself from poor caiden i quickly added his to my ever growing list of names that turn into future beatings followed by years of therapy. if you know someone with one of these names, drop hints like "ever think about legally changing your stupid name?" and if you know someone who named their child one of these names, please murder them.

10. Carson
9. Ashton
8. Cole
7. Bryce
6. Riley

5. Austin - don't name your child after a place, even if that place was named after a person.

4. Quinn - i hated Quinn before some douche-drinker with the same name keyed my car 4 times.

3. Madison/Makayla - surprisingly, most girl names don't piss me off that much. i suppose it's because if a lame name is used on a child it's to be cutesy and that's what dumb girls aim for anyway.

2. Aiden/Braiden/Jaiden/Caden/Hayden - all of these would look awesome on a tombstone.

1. Dakota - fuck Dakota.

Until next time...

(honorable mention. Heracles - gf's friend is naming her second child this against her will because her s.o. likes it and she got to name their first. i hope little heracles has mythical strength. he's gonna need it.)

superfly is 25!

celebrating its release 25 years ago, 'superfly' happens to be one of the greatest (blaxploitation) flicks ever. ever. up there with heavy weights 'shaft', 'detroit9000', 'dolemite', etc... curtis mayfield's soundtrack and ron o'neal's aggressive portrayal of the title character, i think, push 'superfly' above and beyond all other genre films. i'll let the music and a scene do the rest of the talking.

random scene


curtis mayfield - superfly

curtis mayfield - pusherman
curtis mayfield - freddie's dead
curtis mayfield - little child runnin' wild

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happy belated birthday america

david coverversions: blue moon

'blue moon' was written way back in 1934 by richard rodgers and lorenz hart for the mgm movie 'hollywood party'. the lyrics had numerous changes until connee boswell recorded a version with the finalized lyrics. other recordings have been by dean martin, billie holiday, frank sinatra, mel torme, tony bennett, rod stewart, the mavericks, samantha mumba, bobby vinton, sam cooke, cybil shepard, and many, many others; with various jazz interpretations by django reinhardt, dizzy gillespie, louis armstrong, and ella fitzgerald. the most famous version was recorded by the marcells in 1961, selling over a million copies and reaching number one on the uk's chart. my favorite version is delivered by elvis presley, seeking out the song after greg dulli (the afghan whigs, the twilight singers, guttertwins) said that elvis' version was like "he was singing from beyond the grave". as you'd expect, it's totally excellent. if anyone knows of or has other versions of the song, or is an attractive dame and has animated gifs of herself, hit us up.

red elvises - blue moon
cowboy junkies - blue moon revisited
ur2kam - blue moon
the ventures - blue moon
winston francis - blue moon
tommy emmanuel - blue moon
the marcels - blue moon
bobby vinton - blue moon
bob dylan - blue moon
ella fitzgerald - blue moon
elvis presley - blue moon
sam cooke - blue moon

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Monday, July 2, 2007

better than mtv

danger mouse - encore

the raveonettes - sleepwalking

the advantage - goonies 2

oasis - the importance of being idle

sigur ros - untitled 3

david coverversion: blanche vs. the gun club vs. alejandro escovedo

i first caught wind of blanche whilst looking up shit on the white stripes, finding out that blanche frontman, dan john miller, was in a group called two-star tabernacle with jack white. further investigations led to descriptions of the music and this review (the one at the bottom of the page by the times) led me to blindly getting their debut 'if we can't trust the doctors'. on this said debut, which is totally boss and highly recommended, blanche gives us a cover of cult-punkers the gun club's 'jack on fire' off their excellent debut 'fire of love'. coincidently, i first heard of the gun club when the white stripes covered 'for the love of ivy' live at some show, from the same record. weird. now, i was first introduced to alejandro escovedo thru quentin tarantino's 'kill bill' soundtrack collection. man, what the fuck doesn't quentin have his hands on? anyways, he gives us his rendition of 'sex beat' from the very same record as mentioned before. his rendition is off of his 1999 album 'bourbonitis blues', which i found at a used record shop for like $6. fuckin' a! also, if anyone knows anything about two-star tabernacle, don't keep your mouth shut.

blanche - jack on fire
the gun club - jack on fire
the gun club - sex beat
alejandro escovedo - sex beat

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david coverversion: guided by voices vs. ...and you will know us by the trail of dead

here's something to try: write approximately 1200 songs and see how many of them are good. chances are, if you're robert pollard and co. then, yes, most of them are good, great even. you can pick up any of the guided by voices releases and be amazed at the quality of the song, even when the recording quality was a little lacking, as most of the voices earlier stuff was recorded in a basement on a 4-track. first timers should check out 'alien lanes', 'under the bushes under the stars', and 'bee thousand'. the latter giving us the track 'the gold heart mountaintop queen directory' brilliantly covered by ...and you will know us by the trail of dead, mostly known for doing shit their own way and often being accused of not having songs on their albums. first time trailers should seek out 'world's apart' or 'source tags & codes', 'world's apart' being my favorite record of theirs. this version of gold heart is from their latest effort 'so divided', which is totally rad.

guided by voices - the gold heart mountaintop queen directory
...and you will know us by the trail of dead - the gold heart mountaintop queen directory

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those sneaky fucking limey bastards

director/producer matthew vaughn has had his hands in many a sweet movie. directing and producing 'layer cake' and producing 'snatch' and 'lock, stock, and two smoking barrels' among others, dude and sometime cohort guy ritchie have seemingly become the uk's quentin tarantino (minus guy ritchie's 'swept away' of course, it could have been sorta worthwhile if we saw madonna's burger or something in it, but we've all seen that, right?) meant by that is that they have a huge grasp on what they think cool looks, talks, sounds, and acts like. the soundtracks for the three previously mentioned movies directly back up my sentiments. check out those movies if you've lived in a cave on mars with your fingers in your ears for the last nine or so years. and if you haven't seen them and weren't on mars, can i offer you some more weaksauce, guv'nor?

from 'lock, stock, and two smoking barrels'
dusty springfield - spooky
james brown - the boss

from 'snatch'
the stranglers - golden brown
oasis - fuckin' in the bushes

from 'layer cake'
the source (feat. candi staton) - you got the love
starsailor - four to the floor (soulsavers mix)

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Sunday, July 1, 2007

david coverversion: the 13th floor elevators vs. bob dylan vs. the seldom scene

off the road boredom has led me to start cranking out these david coverversions.

psychedelic innovators the 13th floor elevators used to party with townes van zandt back in the texas 60's. that is until roky erickson got caught with one joint and instead of heading off to prison for 10 years, he plead insane and underwent 4 years of electro-shock therapy. other notable musicians who have had the same therapy are lou reed (cause his parents thought he was gay), joey ramone (probably for his ocd), and townes van zandt (for his manic depression). for the 13th's second album, 'easter everywhere', they gave us their lsd soaked version of the classic dylan song 'it's all over now, baby blue'. sweeeeeeet! bluegrass legends the seldom scene gave us their version on their 1975 record 'live at the cellar door'. if youse ever get a chance to see the scene, there is a good chance youse can talk their young guitari into drinking warm pbr's with youse as we almost did, if we weren't such a bunch of drunken fanboys at the time (i think or maybe other reasons, i can't remember), a few years back at the graves mountain bluegrass festivus. tits! as good as these are, we all know that bob dylan is for the byrds.

bob dylan - it's all over now, baby blue
the seldom scene -
it's all over now, baby blue
the 13th floor elevators -
it's all over now, baby blue

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one, one misspelling ah ah ah

mf doom - kookies

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david coverversion: gordon lightfoot vs. the dandy warhols vs. csny

as big as a jive ass honky as courtney taylor-taylor has been (see dig! for pinpoint accuracy), his group the dandy warhols have released some pretty good albums, namely 'come down', 'rule, ok', and 'thirteen tales from urban bohemia'. 'welcome to the monkey house' and 'odditorium' were pretty lamesauce, but didn't meatloaf say '3 out of 5 ain't bad'? they also happen to do pretty good covers, maybe it's because he said he's not that great at writing lyrics, see 'the dandy warhols tv theme song'. jesus christ, how weak is that shit? anyways, here they've given two classic songs a synthy-hipsterish makeover. first up is gordon lightfoot's 'wreck of the edmund fitzgerald', which i believe it was pigeon kicking's own chriscoyier who when he was in middle school, his teacher turned the lights off and made the kids put their heads on their desk and listen to. wtf mate? also up is their version of 'ohio' by csny. being about the national guard killing four students at kent state, the single was rushed released to keep relevance. kudos to neil young for keeping nixon's name in the lyrics, which he calls 'the bravest thing i've ever done'. even braver than the time he said in an interview back in 1985, "you go to the supermarket and you see a faggot behind the fuckin' cash register. you don't want him to handle your potatoes. it's true". bravo, neil young!

gordon lightfoot - wreck of the edmund fitzgerald
the dandy warhols - wreck of the edmund fitzgerald
the dandy warhols - ohio
csny - ohio

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