Wednesday, July 11, 2007

david coverversion: big star vs. placebo vs. the velvet underground vs. elliot smith

big star is criminally under-known, especially in this day and age of super-quick and ultra-reliable internet information. you've probably already heard alex chilton's voice on the 1967 number one hit 'the letter' by the box tops. anyways, forming in 1971, big star only released three now-critically-acclaimed-but-then-they- were-under-the-radar records full of fairly stellar pop song writing. '#1 record' housed the song 'thirteen' that was covered by elliot smith for the soundtrack to 'thumbsucker' and then was released again on 'from a basement on a hill 2', the collection posthumously released mostly comprising of outtakes from 'from a basement on a hill'. 'third/sister lovers' contains the buzz killer 'holocaust' covered live somewhere by the androgynous placebo, as well as big star's version of 'femme fatale' by the velvet underground, whoever they are. also, check out big star's 2nd album 'radio city'. that is all.

big star - femme fatale
the velvet underground - femme fatale

big star - thirteen
elliot smith - thirteen

big star - holocaust
placebo - holocaust

the box tops - the letter

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't


Orlok_Amentis said...

Well, i think it's a little lately comment, but, well, i like the placebo's music, and in this discution - comparation, I prefer the This Mortal Coil's Version of Holocaust song, a beautiful adaptation in the "It'll End in Tears" album from 1984. Rock!

randy said...

foreigners are adorable.


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