Friday, August 31, 2007

a drink so good they named a color after it.

the final segment of the tarantino blue plate special. let's hope 'inglorious bastards' will finally be made after it's been talked about for quite some time now. cocktease.

from 'kill bill vol. 2'
shivaree - goodnight moon
ennio morricone - l'arena
johnny cash - a satisfied mind
chingon - malaguena salerosa

from 'death proof'
jack nitzsche - the last race
the coasters - down in mexico
dave dee, dozy, beaky, mick & titch - hold tight
eddie beram - riot in thunder alley

ps. this boss tuneage tuesday has 'about her' by malcolm mclaren, an excellent trip-hoppy remake of
the zombies 'she's not there', which was featured in kill bill vol. 2 as well.

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Monday, August 27, 2007

david coverversions: i fought the law

the writing of this pop standard is sometimes wrongly accredited to buddy holly. maybe because it was written by a cricket and performed by the crickets after he died. this cricket in question is sonny curtis, rejoining buddy holly & the crickets just before the day the music died. the most recognized version of this song was cranked out by the bobby fuller four and charted in the top ten just before bobby fuller apparently committed suicide by beating the shit out of himself and then snacking on some gasoline-flavored rags. if anyone has other versions not given, like the original crickets version? maybe send em?

beatsteaks - i fought the law
bobby fuller four - i fought the law
dead kennedys - i fought the law
green day - i fought the law
mike ness - i fought the law
stray cats - i fought the law
the brian jonestown massacre - i fought the law
the clash - i fought the law
the big dirty band - i fought the law

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Friday, August 24, 2007

oh shit, that shit rhymes! blew beaumont's, brains out!

part 2 of the quentin tarantino showcase showdown features cuts from 'jackie brown' and 'kill bill 1'.

from 'jackie brown'
bobby womack - across 110th street
the delfonics - didn't i blow your mind this time
the grass roots - midnight confession
elliot easton - monte carlo nights

from 'kill bill'
nancy sinatra - bang bang (my baby shot me down)
charlie feathers - that certain female
al hirt - green hornet theme
zamfir - the lonely shepard

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better than mtv

mc chris - fett's vette

jerry buckner & gary garcia - pac-man fever

the chantays - pipeline

nine inch nails - starfuckers, inc.

the jesus and mary chain - darklands

Monday, August 20, 2007

that's thirty minutes away--i'll be there in ten.

so because i finally saw 'death proof', quentin tarantino's half of the double feature 'grindhouse', there will be a three part series showcasing his soundtracks and his uncanny ability to match up movie scene with an appropriate song. this is most certainly one of the reasons all but one of his movies (not jackie brown) are in the imdb top 250 movies ever, ever, as selected by internet movie nerds from all over this bitch (which might be reliable as godfather one and two are there but not three). in this first part you'll get cuts from his first two movies, unfortunately for you none of it's surf.

from 'reservoir dogs'

edison lighthouse - love grows (where my rosemary goes)
blue swede - hooked on a feeling
harry nilsson - coconut
george baker selection - little green bag

from 'pulp fiction'
ricky nelson - lonesome town
dusty springfield - son of a preacher man
the statler bros. - flowers on the wall
chuck berry - you never can tell

ps. even though 'love grows (where my rosemary goes)' isn't actually on the 'reservoir dogs' soundtrack, k billy totally played it.

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steven seagal - cock puncher

Saturday, August 18, 2007

better than mtv

mike flowers pops - wonderwall

portishead - mysterons

underworld - born slippy

pacific ocean bluegrass - orange blossom special

nirvana - lithium (live)

david coverversion: kenny rogers vs. willie nelson vs. ray charles

so back to 'the big lebowski'. do most of us know this song from this scene? i dig kenny rogers though much more in my younger days as 'kenny rogers greatest hits' was my first cassette. i might have said that before. meh. i never got into the first edition phase of his career until lately, for some reason, and probably heard 'just dropped in' for the first time when i saw lebowski for the first time. whatever. written by townes van zandt's old running buddy, mickey newbury, it was kenny's first top ten hit. many people have recorded version of this song, including mojo nixon, supergrass, jerry lee lewis, die haut with nick cave, etc... resident chronic tester willie nelson recorded a fairly laidback version for his 2001 album 'rainbow connection'. willie also serves up a version of the hoagy carmichael and stuart gorrell tune 'georgia on my mind' most famously performed by ray charles. the song eventually became georgia's state song in 1979. no need to change that, unlike their flag which was this until 2001. edgy! ah delicious racism, do you know no bounds?

kenny rogers and first edition - just dropped in (to see what condition my condition was in)
willie nelson - just dropped in (to see what condition my condition was in)
willie nelson - gerogia on my mind
ray charles - georgia on my mind

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Friday, August 17, 2007

are you ready to laugh?

the soundtrack to this is awesome

david coverversion: cowboy junkies vs. townes van zandt vs. the rolling stones

man, steve earle got it right--saying "townes van zandt is the best songwriter in the whole world and i'll stand on bob dylan's coffee table in my cowboy boots and say that", to which townes replied "i've met bob dylan's bodyguards, and if steve earle thinks he can stand on bob dylan's coffee table, he's sadly mistaken". that's pretty humble for such a talented cat, and it's also fucking hilarious. the cowboy junkies had the same sentiments as earle when, in 1990, they brought him along on their north american tour with them, saying that they initally asked their hero to join them "because of his writing". the junkies give takes of two van zandt songs, 'to live is to fly' and 'lungs', as well as the song townes penned for them to play, 'cowboy junkies lament' which he described as the only song he "ever wrote for someone else to play". also added is their version of 'dead flowers' by the stones which doesn't even come close to being as good as townes' take, which we all know from the end credits of the coen brothers magnum opus 'the big lebowski'. in response to the song written for them, the junkies wrote 'townes blues' for him which appeared on 'black eyed man' with lament and to live, which is also added to see how many songs can be crammed into one post.

the rolling stones - dead flowers
townes van zandt - dead flowers
cowboy junkies - dead flowers

townes van zandt - to live is to fly
cowboy junkies - to live is to fly

townes van zandt - lungs
cowboy junkies - lungs

townes van zandt - cowboy junkies lament
cowboy junkies - cowboy junkies lament

cowboy junkies - townes blues

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less than one week!

big laughs in 1 week

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


this is a pretty cool website.

david coverversion: starman

i gots aquainted with this song on the "new" golden smog album "blood on the slacks" which is technically a 2006 album even though it was just released earlier this year. It's pretty fantastic. Much better than than "another fine day" which really rubbed my nuts the wrong way.

The original is by David Bowie I think, but I'm not going to post that because if you listen to it you automatically turn gay and I can't be responsible for that.

Seu George - Starman
Golden Smog - Starman

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concerts in southern wisconsin

some local shows to consider, nerds. (thru serptember)

thursday 08/23/07 backyard tire fire the rave
monday 08/27/07 rufus wainwright/magic numbers pabst theater
thursday 08/30/07 the detroit cobras/the willowz mad planet
sunday 09/02/07 riverboat gamblers the rave
sunday 09/09/07 william elliot whitmore stonefly brewery
monday 09/10/07 the gourds shank hall
tuesday 09/11/07 final fantasy pabst theater
wednesday 09/12/07 tony furtado shank hall
saturday 09/15/07 aesop rock/octopus project pabst theater
sunday 09/16/07 devendra banhart pabst theater
monday 09/17/07 okkervil river pabst theater
wednesday 09/19/07 gordon lightfoot pabst theater
thursday 09/20/07 trampled by turtles shank hall
friday 09/21/07 the national/st. vincent pabst theater
friday 09/21/07 portugal. the man/rocky votolato stonefly brewery
friday 09/21/07 rabbit in the moon the rave
sunday 09/23/07
rhett miller shank hall
thursday 09/27/07 the mekons pabst theater
thursday 09/27/07
'weird al' yankovic riverside theater
thursday 09/27/07 gore gore girls stonefly brewery
friday 09/28/07 nick lowe/ron sexsmith shank hall
saturday 09/29/07 the black lips mad planet

sunday 08/19/07
portugal. the man the loft
friday 08/24/07 the ditty bops barrymore
friday 08/24/07 the kissers the brocach
saturday 09/01/07 cloud cult high noon saloon
saturday 09/08/07 the 1900s memorial union terrace @ uw
saturday 09/08/07
the flaming lips willow island
sunday 09/09/07
the gourds high noon saloon
tuesday 09/11/07 dr. dog/wilco overture center for the arts
friday 09/14/07
aesop rock/octopus project barrymore
saturday 09/15/07 the sea and cake high noon saloon
sunday 09/16/07 black rebel motorcycle club the annex
wednesday 09/19/07
trampled by turtles high noon saloon
thursday 09/20/07 andrew bird union theater
friday 09/21/07 bela fleck & the flecktones orpheum
sunday 09/23/07 the noisettes the annex
friday 09/28/07 ryan adams barrymore

come out and keep the scene alive.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

this is great

new okkervil river album

texas-via-new hampshire indie-buckets okkervil river have a new album on the shelves today. as i immensely enjoyed 'black sheep boy' and 'black sheep boy appendix' i must say i have been looking forward to this release. hopefully this one is chalked full of dylan-worthy rhyme schemes and not-quite-lo-fi spot-on instrumentation. anyways, the last battle in 'lord of the nerds 3: nerd pudding' is about to start so here is the lead track off of 'the stage names' and some oldies.

our life is not a movie or maybe from 'the stage names'
a stone from 'black sheep boy'
the war criminal rises and speaks from 'down the river of golden dreams'

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one week!

six foot twenty fucking killing for fun

boss tuneage tuesday 8/14

this week is brought to you by the number 1968.

the beatles - while my guitar gently weeps
tiny tim - livin' in the sunlight, lovin' in the moonlight
leonard cohen - bird on the wire
the bee gees - tapioca tundra
the kinks - last of the steam-powered trains
the turtles - elenore
tommy james and the shondells - crimson and clover
mason williams - classical gas
otis redding - sittin' on the dock of the bay
the jimi hendrix experience - 1983... (a merman i should turn to be)
simon & garfunkel - a hazy shade of winter
classics iv - spooky

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

the brian jonestown massacre

many people have come to play with the brian jonestown massacre. as the movie dig! showed us, many talented musicians have passed thru the ranks. i first remember hearing of them back in like 2000 when i had the cable television and saw some shit on vh1 about dysfunctional bands, and the massacre would get into fights and shit on stage. for years all i could find was the dandy warhols, well courtney taylor-taylor's radio spot where he covered 'stars'. eventually anton hipped to the 90's and got himself a real webpage and offers all his music free of charge there (although if you care at all about sound you should buy the albums cause mp3s are audio blasphemy for wiener nerds). used to be if you couldn't figure out a song you could email anton and he'd tell you the chords and shit. probably not now after dig!, but it was cool then. i could go on here about the band and its members and ups and downs and who they've influenced and stuff and junk, but someone already did! so here are a few songs from the brian jonestown massacre and some from bands spawned from the massacre. also anton newcombe said that that dorkus from dashboard confessional is "the poster child for legalized abortion", but before that he said "i don't know who i want kill more, all of the shitty bands out there, the stupid devils that sign them, give them money and turn them loose to rape your daughters after the show, or the robots that buy this crap and and have yet once again, wrecked this world. when jesus comes, i'm shure you will be the first one to get it!". dude is full of wisdom. if you haven't seen the movie dig! yet, do so if you like seeing crazy musicians kick loud-mouth concert-goers in the head, or if you like good documentaries on crazy musicians.

the brian jonestown massacre - stars
the brian jonestown massacre - tschuss
the brian jonestown massacre - ballad of jim jones
the brian jonestown massacre - maybe tomorrow
sky parade - fire in your heart
the gris gris - down with jesus
the warlocks - stone hearts
miranda lee richards - early november
the dilettantes - everlasting low
the out crowd - little elf
the quarter after - taken
the mandarins - sunday morning

ps. most all of these bands have mylame pages as well.

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

david coverversion: slade vs. oasis vs. the rolling stones

not that i am a huge fan or even a big fan of slade, it appears many people were. noel gallagher described them as being "fundamentally more important to the development of music than radiohead", and legend has it that spinal tap was partly based on them. gene simmons said some shit as well, but fuck kiss. many people have given interpretations of their most famous song 'cum on feel the noize', most notably quiet riot one-hit wondered with it in the 80's, or if you didn't feather your hair, you know it from oasis releasing their take as a b-side in 90's. i like oasis for two reasons, well more than that but the main two are: one) their huge guitars, two) their quotes. some famous noel zingers include "if i were in the beatles, i'd be a good george harrison", "those plate glass windows are just saying 'throw a chair thru me'", and expressing in an interview that he hoped that damon albarn (from blur and gorillaz) would "catch aids and die". oasis also dishes up a sweet rendition of the stones' 'street fighting man', just for youse kids. now, get your boots off skinheads!

slade - cum on feel the noize
oasis - cum on feel the noize
oasis - street fighting man
the rolling stones - street fighting man

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less than two weeks!

better than mtv

the stampeders - sweet city woman

pulp - this is hardcore

zach de la rocha & dj shadow - march of death

issac hayes - walk on by

the flaming lips - crazy

Friday, August 10, 2007

david coverversion: bruce springsteen vs. manfred mann('s earth band) vs. the country gentlemen

in a post previous, i had mentioned how the rolling stones 'can't you hear me knocking?' totally kicked off the movie 'blow' excellently. another scene excellently defined by tuneage is when johnny derp is blinging in the montage to 'blinded by the light'. mannfred mann's earth band's version of the boss's tune feels like a cocaine rodeo sponsored by moog and summer's eve compared to the laidback original. speaking of originals, i can only find limited information pertaining to who wrote the song 'fox on the run'. super-reliability says it was the band sweet in 1974, but somehow manfred mann managed to chart with their version in 1968. either way, the country gentlmen's live version owns, again. also added is manfred's take on robert zimmerman's 'it's all over now baby blue', as i didn't have it when i was bored before. if any cheeseball titty knows that bob dylan is for the byrds, manfred mann does.

bruce springsteen - blinded by the light
manfred mann's earth band - blinded by the light
manfred mann - fox on the run
the country gentlemen - fox on the run

manfred mann's earth band - it's all over now baby blue

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david coverversion: ben e king vs. john lennon

originally a five crown and then in 1958 he became a drifter, and we all know my feelings on the drifters, ben e king wrote and sang lead vocals on numerous hits for the 60's doo wop group including 'there goes my baby', 'this magic moment', and 'save the last dance for me'. having also written 'stand by me' for the drifters who, oddly, passed on the song it became a top ten hit for benny twice, first in 1961 and again in 1986. the latter being because of the movie of the same name starring mouth from 'the goonies', 'rock 'n' roll high school forever' and 'national lampoon's last resort'. all quality flicks. anyways, legend has it that 'stand by me' is the fourth most performed song in the history of the 20th century. one of those covers includes john lennon's from his 1975 covers album 'rock 'n' roll'. john lennon had a thing for asian chicks. but then again, don't we all? also, now that i think about it, 'stand by me' is probably in my top five favorite songs of all time. (the ben e king version.)

ben e king - stand by me
john lennon - stand by me

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Thursday, August 9, 2007

some tv is/was good, right?

check it

a few to check out:
the state
flight of the conchords
jack of all trades
trailer park boys
get a life
that's my bush
perfect strangers

there is also a metric fuckton of cartoons, anime, movies, music videos and documentaries. like this one.

total eclipse of the heart

we all know this version.

another version where these guys aren't being so fucking colorful.

another from the radical hurra torpedo. apparently it's a t.a.t.u. song which is russian for fake lesbian.


i remember when my older brother first introduced baraka to me like 10 years ago. apparently, all these lame-o actor types at some party in la were watching it and they were tripping balls as it was being played on two huge projector screens. apparently that was a good time. finally some la dorks had gotten something right. it took me for-fucking-ever to find it on vhs and now you can watch it free on the internet. that's total bullshit. go buy the super special dvd version, it's totally worth your time and probably way better than daddy day camp!

the soundtrack is fucking great too.

anugama & sebatiano - african journey
inukyo - wipala

dead can dance - host of the seraphim
somei satoh/michael stearns - mantra/organics

let's hope ron fricke finishes the 'sequel' to baraka soon. its been in production for like 6 boring years.

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Saturday, August 4, 2007

david coverversion: bob marley vs. peter rowan vs. missing string band

so for this putamayo compilation, peter rowan gives a spectacular take on the bob marley track 'no woman no cry'. look at the review under it where some broad calls his take pallid. then look down even farther where people label the comp as lame reggae, crappy reggae. that's what putamayo is all about, as the same broad calls them 'world music lite'. understand that his version is not completely reggaed but is more of a hybrid between bluegrass and reggae. if you want some serious reggae action, don't get a lame putamayo disc grandpa, go find some trojan gem. johnny greenwood and some dude from super furry animals both went crate digging and then curated the release of two awesome reggae comps for trojan records. as a semi-staple in their live repertoire, local pickers the (now defunct) missing string band, give us a excellent take on rowan's tragic tale 'ruby ridge'. too bad they never got around to giving us a studio version, as i'm sure it would have been as great as their others.

bob marley & the wailers - no woman no cry
peter rowan - no woman no cry
peter rowan - ruby ridge
missing string band - ruby ridge

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merge records

right now, merge has to have the best line up, except for whatever label the the black-eyed peas are on. anyways boasting such acts as the arcade fire, the essex green, richard buckner, the rosebuds, imperial teen, radar bros., seaweed, neutral milk hotel, the clientele, all of stephen merritt's dealings, crooked fingers, and many many totally awesome others, merge has seemingly become the matador of the aughts. any and all is good here. lazy.

the rosebuds - my punishment for fighting from 'night of the furies'
crooked fingers - pigeon kicker from 'crooked fingers'
the broken west - down in the valley from 'i can't go on, i'll go on'
the clientele - isn't life strange from 'god save the clientele'
the essex green - rabbits from 'cannibal sea'
caribou - hello hammerheads from 'the milk of human kindness'
magnetic fields - wi' nae wee bairn ye'll me beget from '69 love songs'
lambchop - under the same moon from 'jack's tulips'
neutral milk hotel - in the aeroplane over the sea from 'in the aeroplane over the sea'

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david coverversion: willie nelson vs. smoking popes

before becoming a christian, head smoker josh caterer had a pretty successful indie run. or punk. or whatever. it was catchy, it wasn't too long, it was good. smoking popes hit the scene in the early 90's but made a break with 'born to quit' in 1995. after their break-up in like '98 or '99, caterer formed duvall, who i saw when they opened for weezer back when weezer was still ok. but fear not nerds, smoking popes are back, at least for one more album. take that, van halen. and by take that, i mean up yours. here they give us a peppy take of willie nelson's 'angel flying too close to the ground'. willie nelson was born in 1933. he is way cooler than you will ever be. and i hear that willie has penned himself around 2,500 tunes as well as recorded around 250 albums. hot. also added, as a bonus, is the popes take on the leslie bricusse and anthony newley song 'pure imagination', just so i can mention it's from another roald dahl book that was made into a movie.

willie nelson - angel flying too close to the ground
smoking popes - angel flying too close to the ground

smoking popes - pure imagination

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Friday, August 3, 2007

more closers

some of these are more painfully obvious. hagaraga!

grizzly bear - colorado from 'yellow house'
rage against the machine - freedom from 'rage against the machine'
old crow medicine show - wagon wheel from 'o.c.m.s.'
the caesers - you don't mean a thing from '39 minutes of bliss (in an otherwise meaningless world)'
placebo - peeping tom from 'black market music'
dropkick murphys - the gangs all here from 'the gangs all here'
the zombies - time of the season from 'odessey & oracle'

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better than mtv

the fiery furnaces - benton harbor blues

the kinks - all day and all of the night

the seldom scene - paradise

propellerheads - history repeating

bob dylan - isis

Thursday, August 2, 2007

24 hour special (or so)

enjoy the rest of the possum dixon b-sides, as requested by some dude.

stare into the sun
farewell my lovely
the days of wine and roses
for your love

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

the darjeeling limited

wes anderson has a new movie coming out. if history has allowed to believe anything then i'm sure this cinematic experience will be just as fulfilling as his previous ventures. hopefully with another excellent soundtrack to boot. personally, i'm not worried. word on the street is his next movie will be 'the fantastic mr. fox' and as you all should know, it is a novel by the late, great roald dahl. boomshakalaka!

from 'rushmore'
chad & jeremy - a summer song
cat stevens - here comes my baby
the faces - oh la la

from 'the royal tenenbaums'
nico - these days
van morrison - everyone
mark mothersbaugh - motherbaugh's canon

from 'the life aquatic with steve zissou'
seu jorge - rebel rebel
scott walker - 30th century man
the zombies - the way i feel inside

ps. as long as were talking films, go see the simpsons movie, it gave me more laughs than the last 4 seasons of the show combined. plus it's got nudity!

pps. i do not have the 'bottle rocket' soundtrack, but it's done completely by mark mothersbaugh.

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