Sunday, August 12, 2007

the brian jonestown massacre

many people have come to play with the brian jonestown massacre. as the movie dig! showed us, many talented musicians have passed thru the ranks. i first remember hearing of them back in like 2000 when i had the cable television and saw some shit on vh1 about dysfunctional bands, and the massacre would get into fights and shit on stage. for years all i could find was the dandy warhols, well courtney taylor-taylor's radio spot where he covered 'stars'. eventually anton hipped to the 90's and got himself a real webpage and offers all his music free of charge there (although if you care at all about sound you should buy the albums cause mp3s are audio blasphemy for wiener nerds). used to be if you couldn't figure out a song you could email anton and he'd tell you the chords and shit. probably not now after dig!, but it was cool then. i could go on here about the band and its members and ups and downs and who they've influenced and stuff and junk, but someone already did! so here are a few songs from the brian jonestown massacre and some from bands spawned from the massacre. also anton newcombe said that that dorkus from dashboard confessional is "the poster child for legalized abortion", but before that he said "i don't know who i want kill more, all of the shitty bands out there, the stupid devils that sign them, give them money and turn them loose to rape your daughters after the show, or the robots that buy this crap and and have yet once again, wrecked this world. when jesus comes, i'm shure you will be the first one to get it!". dude is full of wisdom. if you haven't seen the movie dig! yet, do so if you like seeing crazy musicians kick loud-mouth concert-goers in the head, or if you like good documentaries on crazy musicians.

the brian jonestown massacre - stars
the brian jonestown massacre - tschuss
the brian jonestown massacre - ballad of jim jones
the brian jonestown massacre - maybe tomorrow
sky parade - fire in your heart
the gris gris - down with jesus
the warlocks - stone hearts
miranda lee richards - early november
the dilettantes - everlasting low
the out crowd - little elf
the quarter after - taken
the mandarins - sunday morning

ps. most all of these bands have mylame pages as well.

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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