Tuesday, August 21, 2007

boss tuneage tuesday 8/21

nothing special holding these together.

the decemberists - eli, the barrow boy
french kicks - trial of the century
green apple quick step - dizzy
flatt & scruggs - flint hill special
candy butchers - painkillers
blanche - another lost summer
the cars - moving in stereo
dios (malos) - my broken bones
weezer - lullabye for wayne
devendra banhart - todo los dolores
daniel johnston - laurie
polaris - hey sandy

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't


anandamide said...

ah, movin in stereo, one of the great underrated cars albums. in fact, not only was that song underrated but the whole band was underrated. efficient, quirky pop. until all that heartbeat city crap. yuck.

also, kudos on the flatt and scruggs.

anandamide said...

oops, i meant "songs" not "albums".

randy said...

hey comments!! i'm just seeing these now...

yeah, this song only reminds me of phoebe cates' hot rack.


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