Wednesday, October 31, 2007

david coverversion: bob dylan vs. neil young vs. heather nova

neil young has blasted motherfuckers for years. i remember seeing him at the h.o.r.d.e festival back in the late ninties, along with kula shaker, beck, and some others probably not really worth remembering. anyways, before that, the only neil young song i knew of was 'rockin' in the free world' and after watching neil rock in the free world, i put 2 and 2 together and figured out that neil young is sweet. for his live album 'weld' from the 'ragged glory' tour, neil and co (crazy horse) gave old bobby's timeless protest shanty 'blowin' in the wind' an almost a capella performance in what seems to be dresden. it is very reminiscent of his guitar work on the soundtrack for the widely hated (but loved by me) 'where the buffalo roam', a movie very loosely based on hunter s thompson. like frida snell previously, i don't know much about this heather nova, but i came across her take of neil's 'like a hurricane' at itunes or something and i dug it. violins dude.

bob dylan - blowin' in the wind
neil young & crazy horse - blowin' in the wind
neil young - like a hurricane
heather nova - like a hurricane

neil young - home on the range

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Monday, October 29, 2007

better than mtv

the cassettes - rogue gnome

...and you will know us by the trail of dead - relative ways

lee hazelwood - no train to stockholm

the white stripes - fell in love with a girl

dj shadow - this time (i'm gonna try it my way)

Monday, October 22, 2007

david coverversion: the cure vs. the smashing pumpkins vs. frida snell

for their singles boxset 'the aereoplane flies high', the smashing pumpkins took the high road and did a whole buncha covers for the 'bullet with butterfly wings' disc in the set. one being 'a night like this' by the cure. off of not my favorite cure album 'the head on the door', james iha lends his pipes doing lead vocals for the take. i can't find much about this frida snell apart from some myspace page. i did find out that she's all kinds of sexy and gave the pumpkins 'bullet with butterfly wings' a shot.

the cure - a night like this
the smashing pumpkins - a night like this
the smashing pumpkins - bullet with butterfly wings
frida snell - bullet with butterfly wings

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better than mtv

aphex twin - come to daddy

interpol - mammoth

sid vicious - my way

nine inch nails - a warm place

harry nilsson - 1941

Friday, October 19, 2007

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

johhny rotten is kind of a twat

so is that other cunt


the dark side of oz

the album goes 2.33333 times thru the whole movie. here it is once.







boss tuneage tuesday 10/16

so it finally feels like the fall. lee hazelwood's tune is the reason for the season.

the twilight sad - fourteen autumns and fifteen winters
malcolm middleton - autumn
lee hazelwood - my autumn's done come
devendra banhart - autumn's child
the flaming lips - my cosmic autumn rebellion
the smashing pumpkins - autumn
robyn hitchcock - autumn is your last chance
the skygreen leopards - belle of the woodsman's autumn ball
goon moon - an autumn that came too soon
tortoise - autumn sweater
brian eno - dunwich beach, autumn, 1960
my education - thanksgiving

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david coverversion: pink floyd vs. easy star all-stars vs. radiohead

i'm still kind of a rookie in the field of reggae, especially dub reggae and all that entails with sub-genres and what have you, but that don't stop me from searching. i have recently come across the easy star all-stars and their two albums. starting their own label to release 'dub side of the moon' (an excellent remake of pink floyd's legendary 'wizard of oz' soundtrack 'dark side of the moon') in 2003 and 'radiodread' in 2006, 'radiodread' being a complete reinvention of 'ok computer', the stars are sorta like a nyc reggae supergroup. both records come highly recommended as both are excellently recreated. as the title would speak, 'dub side..' is on the dub side of the fence and 'radiodread' is on the straight-forward reggae side. for lack of body in this article, you'll get a few cuts from each. also, rastafarians are way better than trustafarians.

pink floyd - speak to me/breathe
pink floyd - time
pink floyd - money
easy star all-stars - speak to me/breathe
easy star all stars - time
easy star all-stars - money

radiohead - let down
radiohead - karma police
radiohead - lucky
easy star all-stars - let down
easy star all-stars - karma police
easy star all-stars - lucky

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prince killing it

hopefully viacom doesn't remove this again.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

better than mtv

jimi hendrix - all along the watchtower

michael hampton & eddie hazel - maggot brain

the wallflowers - letters from the wasteland

my morning jacket - one big holiday

big star - in the street

Friday, October 12, 2007

david coverversion: the beach boys vs. sonic (ciccone) youth vs. madonna

pigeon kicker's own nicholas swears on a stack of bibles and used hustlers that early madonna is brilliant pop music. for it was he who reminded me that her 'lucky star' was excellently used (twice, kinda) in the movie 'snatch'. bullet tooth tony's theme song perhaps? also from her debut record is 'burnin' up', which sonic youth tried and succeeded and released on their 'whitey album' under the name ciccone youth. ciccone youth was the youth with special guest mike watt. deluxe reissues are the latest music industry craze which is why we saw the deluxe release of the first major label youth album 'goo'. upon this album, which houses the excellent and my second favorite sonic youth track 'dirty boots', also has a take of the beach boys' 'i know there's an answer' on the second disc.

madonna - burnin' up
ciccone youth - burnin' up
sonic youth - i know there's an answer
the beach boys - i know there's an answer

sonic youth - dirty boots
madonna - lucky star

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

david coverversion: animal collective vs. nirvana vs. tori amos

now i'm not an animal collective superfan, you know--getting every ridiculous version of every ridiculous 7" they put out and shit, but i dig 'feels' and 'sung tongs' and the latest panda bear's solo venture. the dizzy walk down mushroom lane that is 'person pitch' gets better with every listen. animal collective gives a way-out-there take of nirvana's 'on a plain' that, ironically, takes on it's own peppy, sunshine-laden melody while being a song about loneliness and isolation. i guess only the collective could do that, although i'd pay a nickel or two to not hear collective soul try this song, or any other song for that matter. i'm not a tori amos fan mostly because i don't have the right parts that allow her songs to penetrate into my auditory cortex. she was, however, somehow able grab my attention with her haunting rendition of 'smells like teen spirit' that kurt cobain referred to as 'a great breakfast cereal version'. i don't know how he even knew what cereal was, as i hear he ate lead for breakfast. 'weird al' yankovic is good shit.

animal collective - on a plain
nirvana - on a plain
nirvana - smells like teen spirit
tori amos - smells like teen spirit

'weird al' yankovic - smells like nirvana

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david coverversion: robbers on high street vs. paul mccartney

first off, thanks to the aquarium drunkard for turning me on to this excellent track, and the solo paul mccartney (with linda mccartney) album it comes from. i'm not really sure what 'monkberry moon delight' is but word around the water cooler is that it's home-made whiskey. seeing is that the ideas for most of the songs that appeared on 'ram' were written in scotland, that sound's about right. i was very much surprised to see that nyc outfit robbers on high street gave the song a shot on their latest ep, 'the fatalist and friends'. robbers once again worked with producer peter katis, who has done a whole buncha cool shit--mixing and producing--with the likes of the national, interpol, tokyo police club, the twilight sad, ours, longwave, spoon and on and on and on. robbers on high street are very underrated in the scene but totally help keep it alive.

paul & linda mccartney - monkberry moon delight
robbers on high street - monkberry moon delight

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

david coverversion: leonard cohen vs. johnny cash vs. sting

so sting huh? the police and shit? granted cat was in dune. granted cat likes tantric sexual intercourse. granted cat wrote 'king of pain' and 'message in a bottle'. so, i guess sting is pretty boss eh? somehow, sting wrote this murder ballad from the narrator's perspective looking back at the murder he committed just before he is hanged. johnny cash excellently covers it for his 'american iv: the man comes around' album. in fact he does it so well, you'd think that ol' gordie wrote the song specifically for the man himself. johnny also gives canadian poet laureate leonard cohen's 'bird on a wire' a shot as well for his first 'american' album. ever since i heard 'chelsea hotel no.2' for the first time, i've always had a sneaking suspicion that lenny here was a better songwriter than bob dylan. maybe people are afraid to agree with me because he's canadian, maybe not. maybe it's a huge government conspiracy, like 9/11. bobby even sang back up vocals for the phil spector produced 'don't go home with your hard-on' as he knew he was second fiddle in the scene.

sting - i hung my head
johnny cash- i hung my head
johnny cash - bird on a wire
leonard cohen - bird on a wire

leonard cohen - don't go home with your hard-on

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Saturday, October 6, 2007

better than mtv

iggy pop - the passenger

the smashing pumpkins - daphne descends (live)

kool keith - livin' astro

the tarantinos nyc - bullwinkle part 2

leo kottke - vaseline machine gun

david coverversion: slowdive vs. lee hazlewood vs. beck

lee hazlewood quit living a few months back. the man who basically invented nancy sinatra was no more. he was also known for his work with duane eddy. as a singer, songwriter, arranger/composer and producer, lee ranks up there with the best of 'em; phil spector, jack nitzsche, joe meek, george martin. all of 'em. with the possible exception of rick rubin. then again, anyone who can take the band that wrote 'say it ain't so' and turn them into the foreskin shiners that released 'make believe' is obviously god-like and should be worshiped so. i digress. lee wrote a whole number of excellent songs like 'these boots are made for walkin', 'some velvet morning', 'sugar town', 'my autumn's done come', and so many more it's insane. a probably full list can be found at the link above left. slowdive inhabited the uk's shoegaze scene with fellow gazers such as my bloody valentine, cocteau twins, ride, lush, chapterhouse, the jesus & mary chain et al. if you like your guitars swirled and your vocals kinda mumbled, then dear depresso, shoegaze is for you. slowdive also gave 'some velvet morning' (first released on nancy sinatra's 'moving with nancy') an appropriate flavor perfectly transforming the psychedelic pop tune into a swirling masterpiece. eclectic cowboy beck gave a stunning take of the fallen psychedelic cowboy's 'forget marie' from his recorded for swedish tv album 'cowboy in sweden'. also added is primal scream's take with kate moss on vocals. and some duane eddy.

beck - forget marie
lee hazlewood - forget marie
lee hazlewood & nancy sinatra - some velvet morning
slowdive - some velvet morning

primal scream - some velvet morning
duane eddy - rebel rouser
duane eddy - 40 miles of bad road

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the twilight singers part one

greg dulli likes 3 things: getting high, setting the scene up for some fucking, and some fucking. competently proven by his words and swagger in his two bands, the afghan whigs and the twilight singers. (the whigs link is really all greg dulli related shit but the music streamed from the singers link is boss.) i didn't really get into the whigs until their 1998 release '1965' but caught directly on and quickly worked my way backwards. after the whigs spilt, the twilight singers became a full-fledged musical entity, as dulli claims that the singers are him and whoever he happens to be playing with him at the time. the first two albums the singers released ('twilight as played by the twilight singers' and 'blackberry belle') are dark, lovelorn affairs showcased here in part one. the one two three donkey punch of 'love', 'annie mae', and 'verti-marte' from 'twilight as played...' is something else altogether. apparently greg dulli and longtime musical friend and collaborator mark lanegan started up the guttertwins, which is hopefully gonna be about taking ecstasy and destroying burger. mark lanegan has done more cool shit than you can wave a stick at: screaming trees, queens of the stone age, mark lanegan band, mad season, his duet album with isobel campbell and most recently his guest appearance on soulsavers new album. he also worked with some dudes named kurdt kobane and christ novocaine from some seattle band. the vines i think. or soundgarden maybe? so, in conclusion first time singers should peeps 'blackberry belle' first as it's a-fucking-mazing.

from 'twilight as played by the twilight singers'
annie mae

from 'blackberry belle'
esta noche
teenage wristband
the killer

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

david coverversion: sonic youth vs. the carpenters

along with other 90's heavy hitters such as dishwalla, sonic youth contributed to the carpenter's tribute album 'if i were a carpenter'. too bad that music thing never really panned out for dishwalla, their songs really remind me that i totally can't understand what adults said on 'peanuts'. is dishwalla still around? anyone? either way, check out sonic youth's psychedelic take on the leon russell and bonnie bramlett (delaney, bonnie & friends) song 'superstar'. other's have given the groupie love song a chance but the carpenters gave the most recognized take (remember 'tommy boy'? anyone?). i hear drummer jim gordon, from delaney, bonnie & friends and derek & the dominos among many others, gave his moms a makeover with a hammer. awkward.

the carpenters - superstar
sonic youth - superstar

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if mandy patankin was a horse

or: ol' felcher

Monday, October 1, 2007

better than mtv

ride - dreams burn down

the walkmen - the rat

the ghastly ones - los campeones del justicio

elliot smith - say yes

tangerine dream - phaedra


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