Thursday, October 4, 2007

david coverversion: sonic youth vs. the carpenters

along with other 90's heavy hitters such as dishwalla, sonic youth contributed to the carpenter's tribute album 'if i were a carpenter'. too bad that music thing never really panned out for dishwalla, their songs really remind me that i totally can't understand what adults said on 'peanuts'. is dishwalla still around? anyone? either way, check out sonic youth's psychedelic take on the leon russell and bonnie bramlett (delaney, bonnie & friends) song 'superstar'. other's have given the groupie love song a chance but the carpenters gave the most recognized take (remember 'tommy boy'? anyone?). i hear drummer jim gordon, from delaney, bonnie & friends and derek & the dominos among many others, gave his moms a makeover with a hammer. awkward.

the carpenters - superstar
sonic youth - superstar

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't


Cygnet Committee said...

Awesome thanks for posting the Sonic Youth version! Used to love it way before I even heard the Carpenters version... Odd but true.

randy said...

the odd guitar noodling effects are top notch there... even though i think i prefer the carpenters version. i think.


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