Thursday, October 11, 2007

david coverversion: robbers on high street vs. paul mccartney

first off, thanks to the aquarium drunkard for turning me on to this excellent track, and the solo paul mccartney (with linda mccartney) album it comes from. i'm not really sure what 'monkberry moon delight' is but word around the water cooler is that it's home-made whiskey. seeing is that the ideas for most of the songs that appeared on 'ram' were written in scotland, that sound's about right. i was very much surprised to see that nyc outfit robbers on high street gave the song a shot on their latest ep, 'the fatalist and friends'. robbers once again worked with producer peter katis, who has done a whole buncha cool shit--mixing and producing--with the likes of the national, interpol, tokyo police club, the twilight sad, ours, longwave, spoon and on and on and on. robbers on high street are very underrated in the scene but totally help keep it alive.

paul & linda mccartney - monkberry moon delight
robbers on high street - monkberry moon delight

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