Thursday, May 31, 2007

interpol/calla tour again

still haven't heard if there are more dates or not. so chew on this waity mcpants.

calla - initiate

interpol - pioneer to the falls

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

new a band of bees

slated to release their 3rd record 'octopus' on june 5th, a band of bees are kind of like the brian jonestown massacre. you like what you hear but is it from the 60's or yesterday? as 'free the bees' was hugely underrated, and awesome, i am totally stoked on some new shit from these neo-hippies. got ahold of the first single 'who cares what the question is?' and am digging on it. also posted is a very good question from the butthole surfers, as it appears to be q&a time.

a band of bees - who cares what the question is?
butthole surfers - who was in my room last night?

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seachange (not beck)

i first heard of seachange a few years back after reading some shit about how their first full length lp, 'lay of the land', released on the legendary indie label matador, is full of haunted tales, violins, repetitive hypnotic guitars, and is super duper. well, they were right and 'lay of the land' remains one of my all time favorite (debut) albums still. having found out that they just released their second fully 'on fire, with love', only available on the grayer side of the pond, i decided to pay the import price and have it sent directly to my mailbox. well, it seems that seachange has brightened up a bit. instead of writing about grisly murders and eating pills, seachange discovered girls. good work, fellas! here is 'the nightwatch' from 'lay of the land' and 'anti-story' from 'on fire'. the song 'glitterball' was big for them or something.

the nightwatch

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

interpol/calla tour

interpol is bringing the excellent, but underrated calla out on tour with them this summer. here are some of the dates, i don't know if it's the whole tour or just some of the dates on it. go check it out, cause it will be tits. big fat glorious tits. thanks to scotty j for the heads up.

Jul 19, 2007 Rochester, NY Harro East Ballroom w/ Interpol
Jul 20, 2007 Atlantic City, NJ Borgata Music Box w/ Interpol
Jul 21, 2007 Norfolk, VA The Norva w/ Interpol
Jul 23, 2007 Cleveland, OH House of Blues w/ Interpol
Jul 24, 2007 Pittsburgh, PA Byham Theatre w/ Interpol
Jul 27, 2007 Grand Rapids, MI Orbit Room w/ Interpol
Jul 28, 2007 Detroit, MI State Theater w/ Interpol
Jul 30, 2007 Milwaukee, WI The Rave w/ Interpol
Jul 31, 2007 Indianapolis, IN Egyptian Room w/ Interpol
Aug 1, 2007 St. Louis, MO Pageant w/ Interpol
Aug 3, 2007 Covington, KY Madison Theater w/ Interpol

see some of you in milwaukee.

boss tuneage tuesday 5/29

here are some more random tunes for another installment of 'boss tuneage tuesday'. enjoy piggies.

bluegrass student union - the auctioneer
elbow - powder blue
propellerheads - bang on!
robbers on high street - a night at star castle
simon & garfunkel - leaves that are green
starflyer 59 - you think you're radical
superpitcher - more heroin
the delgados - coming in from the cold
the twilight singers - decatur st.
the walkmen - all hands and the cook
urge overkill - sister havana

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Monday, May 28, 2007

nardwuar, the human serviette

check out the radio section. there's lots, like the david cross interview.


Saturday, May 26, 2007

david coverversion: ween vs. ozzy osbourne

ween is fucking great. if you don't know, get on that. start with 'chocolate and cheese', 'white pepper', or 'the mollusk' or go to itunes and get 'put the coke on my dick'. great stuff. ween also brought dvda on tour with them. rad, but i knew trey parker and matt stone might of needed help being the funniest bastards ever. anywho, here is their spin on 'if i close my eyes forever' by ozzy and some tart, recorded (maybe) for some radio show. do you think more lapdances have been given to this song or more shotgun wedding receptions have been kicked off? fucking ween, man, fuuuuuuuckiiiiiiiiinnnng weeeeeeeeeeeen. i'll let henry rollins explain.

also included is ween's attempt at commercialism when pizza butt asked them to write a song about their new pizza. here are both versions they turned in.

ozzy osbourne - if i close my eyes forever
ween - if i close my eyes forever

ween - where'd the cheese go?
ween - where'd the cheese go? 2
henry rollins - why ween rules

how bad would it have sucked to be jack osbourne in his teenage-rebelious-i-hate-my-parents phase and not really being able to scratch 'ozzy' into his desk to blow off some steam?

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the groggers are drunker than you

showcasing some more local talent, the groggers or here, will be playing one of their last shows tonight (maybe for awhile) at mad planet in milwaukee with perry, the famous graves and the cocksmokers. the show kicks off at 9 and is 21+, so go drink some guinness, get into a fight with some lame hipsters and then tell some real punk rock broad how you flicked off the bassist from green day. i dunno, you might get a handjob outta the deal, or she might get offended cause you insulted her #1 crush. either way, it'll all be worth it if you punch some lame hipster right in his doughboy face. the groggers also have in their ranks, pigeon kicking's (sometimes) very own chriscoyier. for those of you that don't know, here's chris.

also for your enjoyment is the music video that the groggers made with cancer.

scotty mc was also in the paradise string band, learned all the kissers songs, but is or was touring (and now might be a permanent member) with boulder acoustic society, before he makes the big move to crunchystation (boulder). looper, when not running the tapes and decks and reels, can be found playing guitar and moufharp in the panaramics. tim russell plays recycled brand cardboard boxes.

the groggers - kay

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Friday, May 25, 2007

so long missing string band. happy trails

so i'm off to catch the swansong of local legends the missing string band or here, featuring pigeon kicking's (sometimes) very own chriscoyier. well, i don't know who these stuarts think they are just up and quitting like this, but, you know, like whatever. rising from (some of) the ashes of the paradise string band, these shitkickers know how to throw down. and throw up, just ask the wizard. so, if yer out in colorado, check out guitari chris mcgarry's little solo jaunt and buy him a shot of jager as he looks for a new camp in crunchy, granola heaven (boulder). meanwhile, drew is looking to solidify the line-up for his shakira cover project, tentatively called shaqueera. lastly, harmony is from ft. atkinson.

godspeed you, missing string band, headed for that big whiskey river in the sky. now enjoy two mcgarry orignals and a harmony original as well, called 'lonesome cowgirl'. look for the missing string band ep, 'latin superhits' sometime next year.

carolina in the rain
lonesome cowgirl

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

the big sleep

so i've been on a record purchasing kick as of late, it seems i can't go to a record store and not drop $100. weak. but after reading a small review of the big sleep's debut 'son of the tiger' and then forgetting everything about what i'd read except that it was put out by frenchkiss records (the hold steady, thunderbirds are now!, les savy fav), i must say that i am happy that i buy records on a whim like this, thinking 'hey i remember that, what about it i don't know, but i think i remember that i would like that... hmmm'. combining neo-psychedelic a la the verve and various drone and shoegazer influences, this record makes for a sweet trip down headswirl lane. most of the tracks on the album are instrumentals, with the bass player/chick singing on some of the tunes. check it out.

the big sleep - s.k.b.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


could this be true? let's hope so. sweet jesus see this through.

david coverversion: the decemberists vs. patti smith

i don't really know much about patti smith except everyone loves her, and everyone thinks she's a total badass. now just after releasing an album of covers called 'twelve', she gave us this little ditty recorded but not picked for the albums final release. along with covering tears for fears, stevie wonder, nirvana, the rolling stones, and gregg allman among many others, she also served up this rendition of 'here i dreamt i was an architect' by everyone's favorite supernerds, the decemberists. originally released on their debut album, the total fucking classic 'castaways and cutouts', she makes the song her own by slowing it down to a laidback, reverbed strum with some melodious bass. check plus. makes me wanna check out her back catalog, should i?

patti smith - here i dreamt i was an architect
the decemberists -
here i dreamt i was an architect

ps the b-side (or a-side) to this is
'perfect day' by lou reed, released on limited 7" vinyl called 'two more'.

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finally got ahold of interpol's first single, 'the heinrich manuever', from their new album 'our love to admire', set to be released on july 10th. as this is my most anticipated album to be released this year or next, i'm fairly stoked that the song is totally dece-worthy after their move to capitol records from matador (as bigwig major label stooges are usually tin-eared fartfaces with no taste whatsoever.) upon the first few listens, it seems it's the logical direction that interpol would head; big scattered guitars, grooving bass, excellent sounding drums, making use of the quiet/loud/quiet dynamics first shown by the pixies and then damn-nearly perfected by nirvana. i wasn't sure what to expect as i'd heard that they weren't working with previous co-producer/engineer/mixer peter katis, but i'm digging on this, reminds me of 'slow hands', kinda. anyways, give'r a listen along with some rare bones.

the heinrich manuever
leif erikson (black sessions)
narc (paul banks mix)
evil (zane lowe sessions)
a time to be so small (early version)

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oh i'll never forget the day i bashed in his head

so we all know 'weird al' yankovic from his quirky, askew versions of popular songs. see 'yoda', 'i think i'm a clone now', 'amish paradise', and so on. but weird here is quite good at constructing originals as well. 'weird al's greatest hits' was the second cassette i owned. 'kenny rogers' greatest hits' being the first. 'reuben james'=classic. i digress. most of my favorite weird penned originals come from his earlier work, 'dare to be stupid', 'in 3-d', 'polka party', and so forth, but it's good to see weird still making albums that i'd listen to. i haven't heard 'straight outta lynwood' yet, but i'm sure i'll get around to it. also, weird made a totally hilarious movie back in the day with michael 'superracist' richards and fran 'what?' drescher called 'uhf' and it's fucking great. a laugh riot, as it were. go see it.

dare to be stupid
christmas at ground zero
good old days
one more minute
nature trail to hell

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

boss tuneage tuesday 5/22

here are some tunes for the first 'boss tuneage tuesday'.

...and you will know us by the trail of dead - world's apart
baxter dury - beneath the underdog
black rebel motorcycle club - howl
beck - we live again
pelican city - sesame street
deltron3030 - madness
kasabian - running battle
the beach boys (brian wilson)- surf's up (live)
the zombies - beachwood park
vincent gallo - a cold + grey summer day


in other things boss, i picked up this 16 channel mixer, a peavey md-16, today for $60. killer.

ps. that 'surf's up' is from november 1966, when brian wilson was filmed performing the song on piano for a cbs news special on popular music. no word if he brought his sandbox and fireman's helmet.

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Monday, May 21, 2007

here's something we hope you'll really like

finally something other than asian booty hunter that is keeping my boner alive


david coverversion: roy orbison vs. van halen

not many people have shit on roy oribison. not me, not you, and not one of those feckless twats that stole his image; not bono, not corey hart, not that chick in poison, not devastatin' dave (the turntable slave), and certainly not this fucking guy. the closest anyone comes is stevie wonder, but if he had 20/20, he wouldn't have needed to borrow ol' roy's get-up. anyways, let me get to the meat and potatoes of this post. blah blah blah roy orbison good, classic, idolized, maybe fuck some of the travelling wilburys, but not much. blah blah blah van halen not so much, jump kicks, toothless blah blah blah. get all that? good. so, i don't know who the fuck van halen is fooling thinking they can pull off a stunt like covering '(oh) pretty woman'. you decide. are you fooled?

roy orbison - (oh) pretty woman
van halen - (oh) pretty woman

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david coverversion: the walkmen vs. the drifters

so the drifters, having formed way back in 1953 and still touring, are one of the longest running pop acts to grace stages world-wide. 50 years and 50 hits. not bad. you might have even heard a tune or two, charting with hits such as 'under the boardwalk', 'on broadway', 'save the last dance for me', 'up on the roof', 'this magic moment', and on and on. well, i was pretty stoked when i happened across the drifters greatest hits for $1 let me tell you. and even though the current line-up doesn't even consider having any of the original members on stage, mostly cause they're all dead, these songs from the 50's and 60's having a soothing quality about them that most vocals groups of yore don't come with. like drinking beers on a deck in august and having no mosquitos around. or drinking whiskey under my bed in the dark. good times. for the video game 'stubbs the zombie' (of which i know nothing about, or care to, but do feel free to do some research for yourself), former indie stalwarts the walkmen, have decided to cover 'there goes my baby', possibly for some super duper important part of some game no one's ever played or even heard of. their version, if you are familiar with the walkmen and their sound, is totally walkmencity. good sounding drums and organs and signature guitar tones and the like. sweet. i like it when bands do note for note covers. that's talent.

the drifters - there goes my baby
the walkmen - there goes my baby

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joscho stephan

i don't know much about this kid other than he's german and he's a better guitar player than you could even dream of being, even after wishing to be the best guitari ever. ever. it takes more than wishes to rules the fishes, pal. anyways, here is his take on django's 'tiger'.

compared to the original it's not too shabby

django reinhardt - tiger rag

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

There is a new Big Lewbowski book coming out August 21st: I'm a Lebowski, You're a Lebowski: Life, The Big Lebowski, and What Have You. Seems to me this is the real deal, and not another lame attempt at capitalizing a cult phenomenon.


Gets me thinking about that amazing soundtrack...

Townes Van Zandt - Dead Flowers
Captain Beefheart - Her Eyes are Blue a Million Miles
Bob Dylan - The Man in Me

And as we all know by now: Bob Dylan is for the Byrds.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

zeds dead baby, zeds dead

summers almost here. and that means we, and by we i mean you, can once again give thanks to quentin tarantino. for back in 1994, a whole new generation discovered surf musics when he threw dick dale, the tornadoes, the lively ones and the centurians into the movie 'pulp fiction'. as i listened to oldies back in my younger days (and currently oldies are the only radio i listen to, if i have to listen to the goddamn radio), i was aware of surf music because the ventures and the chantays, but not much more. i did know that i totally dug it; the reverb drenched leads, no vocals, evoking good times with sounds, the superwhammied chords, and so on. so roll your windows down, dye your hair blonde and let's go-go-go-go-go.

anytime i hear something that could have possibly been influenced by the surf, i'm in. peter kruder, one half of kruder and dorfmeister, the downtempo legends, released an album under the moniker of peace orchestra. and as sweet as the minimal/ambience/drumy'n'bassiness of the album as a whole is, the last track, 'the man part two' is pretty rad in all its single chords glory. another finding, rather recent, is 'the secret' by nyc's the fever. off their sophmore release, 'in the city of sleep', it took me 2 minutes until i realized that this is just some hipster-psuedo-surf. pretty dece as well. now everyone has heard the tapes n' tapes track 'insistor' and i think enough has been said about them, so i'll won't put forth the effort. 'out to sea' by stoner rokkers fu manchu is oddly chill compared to the rest of 'start the machine'. finally the last surf influenced track i can think of right now is blondie's best attempt 'atomic'. fuck 'the tide is high', fuck 'rapture', 'dreaming' is ok, and fuck 'heart of glass', this is the only blondie track you kids should really know, but make sure it's not the first song you hear cause it's a steep hill down after that.

as for the real deal, masked mexican wrestlers los straitjackets have been carrying on the surf tradtion for many a year now dating back to 1988. here is their take on, what many believe to be a masterpiece already, celine dion's killer 'my heart will go on'. as with the straitjackets, the penetrators were keeping the scene alive down south as kings of the sss (southern surf syndicate). sadly, not much has been heard from this camp since the passing of main penetrator john (rip thrillby) scott rogers in an automobile accident in 2003. also posted are a few of my favorite surf tracks of all time, a few classics. so enjoy some oldies, some newbies, all while invoking summer thoughts and wrecking cali burger.

ps. the chantays were between the ages of 14 - 17 when they wrote 'pipeline'. what were you doing?

peace orchestra - the man part two
the fever - the secret
blondie - atomic
tapes n tapes - insistor
fu manchu - out to sea

the penetrators - deception bay
los straitjackets - my heart will go on
the chantays - pipeline
the marketts - out of limits
the pyramids - penetration
the ventures - walk don't run
the centurians - intoxica

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david coverversion: the secret machines vs bob dylan

now we all know that's the name that robert plant called david coverdale back in the 80's before coverdale and jimmy page's little musical tryst back in 1993. anyways, our david coverversion is going to be posts related to most famous takes/orignals vs. covers. why not start with a bang?

the secret machines released an ep of covers for their single 'the road leads where its led' a few years back, covering van morrison, motown, harmonia and bob dylan for it. just recently the guitarist for the secret machines has hung up his spaceaxe and is starting anew with the school of seven bells. tuh, and hopefully sweet. lets hope the machines find a suitable replacement and not continue as a drum and bass duo like those fartsniffers douche from above 1979. anyways, here is their take on 'girl from the north country'. pretty boss eh? but we all know bob dylan is for the byrds.

bob dylan - girl from the north country
the secret machines - girl from the north country

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Friday, May 18, 2007

down for the time being

but fret not. please enjoy this while you wait

take your time and you will see

so back in 2001 when every worthless rag was gagging on the strokes' johnce, many other totally sweet bands were also starting out/already killing it in good ol' nyc. one of them being calla. having recently picked up 'strength in numbers', album #5 for this trio, i'm back on a calla kick. 'televise' is probably my favorite album of theirs as it's their most complete album. by that i mean from the track order and how it slowly builds up, erupts, and comes down to the underlying hopelessness/darkness of the record as a whole. here are 3 tracks, one from each of their latest ventures. 'it dawned on me' from 'collisions' is probably my favorite side one track one from recent memory ('sisters mothers daughters and wives' from the voxtrot ep of the same name is a close second). 'sleep in splendor' from 'strength in numbers' with its elongated lead section, feels like it could be from 'televise' if it weren't so polished up. finally, 'as quick as it comes/carrera' from 'televise' is 6 minutes of aural salvation with like 7 lines about how love is total bullshit or something. listen to the warlocks-y vibe that starts at about 3:55 building up with feedbacks and drums until the money shot at about 5:40. tits.

calla - as quick as it comes\carerra
calla - it dawned on me
calla - sleep in splendor

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

the prodigal sun

the black angels are a band completely new to me. at times sounding like clinic overdosing on the velvet underground and horse tranquilizers while listening to the 13th floor elevators, this texas quintet make pretty bossome music. check this track from 'passover', put out last year on light in the attic records. then again, anytime anyone says they play a drone machine, i'll check it out.

the black angels - the prodigal sun
clinic - gideon

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Let me introduce my bad self.

Hi I'm Chris. I'll be blogging up in this corner with some other awesomely over and under qualified friends of mine about music and dead birds. Mostly music though. In between between the dead bird stuff. Here are four songs from my collection that start with the letter H:

1) Hard Hearted - Old & In The Way
2) He's A Dick - Golden Smog
3) High Noon - Tex Ritter
4) Hung Up On Dream - The Zombies

some picture


some of my interests include: breaking hearts, kicking ass, sandwiches, talking shit about the things you love, super nintendo, night jarts, vaginas, bowling, eating cereal, wasting time

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