Friday, May 18, 2007

take your time and you will see

so back in 2001 when every worthless rag was gagging on the strokes' johnce, many other totally sweet bands were also starting out/already killing it in good ol' nyc. one of them being calla. having recently picked up 'strength in numbers', album #5 for this trio, i'm back on a calla kick. 'televise' is probably my favorite album of theirs as it's their most complete album. by that i mean from the track order and how it slowly builds up, erupts, and comes down to the underlying hopelessness/darkness of the record as a whole. here are 3 tracks, one from each of their latest ventures. 'it dawned on me' from 'collisions' is probably my favorite side one track one from recent memory ('sisters mothers daughters and wives' from the voxtrot ep of the same name is a close second). 'sleep in splendor' from 'strength in numbers' with its elongated lead section, feels like it could be from 'televise' if it weren't so polished up. finally, 'as quick as it comes/carrera' from 'televise' is 6 minutes of aural salvation with like 7 lines about how love is total bullshit or something. listen to the warlocks-y vibe that starts at about 3:55 building up with feedbacks and drums until the money shot at about 5:40. tits.

calla - as quick as it comes\carerra
calla - it dawned on me
calla - sleep in splendor

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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