Saturday, May 19, 2007

zeds dead baby, zeds dead

summers almost here. and that means we, and by we i mean you, can once again give thanks to quentin tarantino. for back in 1994, a whole new generation discovered surf musics when he threw dick dale, the tornadoes, the lively ones and the centurians into the movie 'pulp fiction'. as i listened to oldies back in my younger days (and currently oldies are the only radio i listen to, if i have to listen to the goddamn radio), i was aware of surf music because the ventures and the chantays, but not much more. i did know that i totally dug it; the reverb drenched leads, no vocals, evoking good times with sounds, the superwhammied chords, and so on. so roll your windows down, dye your hair blonde and let's go-go-go-go-go.

anytime i hear something that could have possibly been influenced by the surf, i'm in. peter kruder, one half of kruder and dorfmeister, the downtempo legends, released an album under the moniker of peace orchestra. and as sweet as the minimal/ambience/drumy'n'bassiness of the album as a whole is, the last track, 'the man part two' is pretty rad in all its single chords glory. another finding, rather recent, is 'the secret' by nyc's the fever. off their sophmore release, 'in the city of sleep', it took me 2 minutes until i realized that this is just some hipster-psuedo-surf. pretty dece as well. now everyone has heard the tapes n' tapes track 'insistor' and i think enough has been said about them, so i'll won't put forth the effort. 'out to sea' by stoner rokkers fu manchu is oddly chill compared to the rest of 'start the machine'. finally the last surf influenced track i can think of right now is blondie's best attempt 'atomic'. fuck 'the tide is high', fuck 'rapture', 'dreaming' is ok, and fuck 'heart of glass', this is the only blondie track you kids should really know, but make sure it's not the first song you hear cause it's a steep hill down after that.

as for the real deal, masked mexican wrestlers los straitjackets have been carrying on the surf tradtion for many a year now dating back to 1988. here is their take on, what many believe to be a masterpiece already, celine dion's killer 'my heart will go on'. as with the straitjackets, the penetrators were keeping the scene alive down south as kings of the sss (southern surf syndicate). sadly, not much has been heard from this camp since the passing of main penetrator john (rip thrillby) scott rogers in an automobile accident in 2003. also posted are a few of my favorite surf tracks of all time, a few classics. so enjoy some oldies, some newbies, all while invoking summer thoughts and wrecking cali burger.

ps. the chantays were between the ages of 14 - 17 when they wrote 'pipeline'. what were you doing?

peace orchestra - the man part two
the fever - the secret
blondie - atomic
tapes n tapes - insistor
fu manchu - out to sea

the penetrators - deception bay
los straitjackets - my heart will go on
the chantays - pipeline
the marketts - out of limits
the pyramids - penetration
the ventures - walk don't run
the centurians - intoxica

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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