Saturday, May 26, 2007

david coverversion: ween vs. ozzy osbourne

ween is fucking great. if you don't know, get on that. start with 'chocolate and cheese', 'white pepper', or 'the mollusk' or go to itunes and get 'put the coke on my dick'. great stuff. ween also brought dvda on tour with them. rad, but i knew trey parker and matt stone might of needed help being the funniest bastards ever. anywho, here is their spin on 'if i close my eyes forever' by ozzy and some tart, recorded (maybe) for some radio show. do you think more lapdances have been given to this song or more shotgun wedding receptions have been kicked off? fucking ween, man, fuuuuuuuckiiiiiiiiinnnng weeeeeeeeeeeen. i'll let henry rollins explain.

also included is ween's attempt at commercialism when pizza butt asked them to write a song about their new pizza. here are both versions they turned in.

ozzy osbourne - if i close my eyes forever
ween - if i close my eyes forever

ween - where'd the cheese go?
ween - where'd the cheese go? 2
henry rollins - why ween rules

how bad would it have sucked to be jack osbourne in his teenage-rebelious-i-hate-my-parents phase and not really being able to scratch 'ozzy' into his desk to blow off some steam?

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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