Wednesday, May 23, 2007

oh i'll never forget the day i bashed in his head

so we all know 'weird al' yankovic from his quirky, askew versions of popular songs. see 'yoda', 'i think i'm a clone now', 'amish paradise', and so on. but weird here is quite good at constructing originals as well. 'weird al's greatest hits' was the second cassette i owned. 'kenny rogers' greatest hits' being the first. 'reuben james'=classic. i digress. most of my favorite weird penned originals come from his earlier work, 'dare to be stupid', 'in 3-d', 'polka party', and so forth, but it's good to see weird still making albums that i'd listen to. i haven't heard 'straight outta lynwood' yet, but i'm sure i'll get around to it. also, weird made a totally hilarious movie back in the day with michael 'superracist' richards and fran 'what?' drescher called 'uhf' and it's fucking great. a laugh riot, as it were. go see it.

dare to be stupid
christmas at ground zero
good old days
one more minute
nature trail to hell

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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