Thursday, March 19, 2009

oceanship video

so here is the first video from canada's indie duo oceanship. you'll have to wait a minute for their debut record but go find their 2005 ep to hold you over. or you can bring back your memories of seeing them live if you live in china. the story and animation was done by ofir sasson, who is some guy.

oceanship - hotblack


seriously wtf?

cleaning out the bookmarks

some good some bad all entertaining. maybe.

william spencer - hollarado

this just in: fart

metal fuck

clothing in the year 2000

musafar (wtf?)

ragnar otnes & mads ousdal - kick the burger

la pequena hillary hulk (also wtf)

goth public access

japanese mall fountain

demonius x on failed relationships

no need for lsd, it's built-in

where's samuel l jackson when you need him?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kutiman mixes YouTube

A few years ago I was shown Lasse Gjersten's videos where he "beatboxes" and plays drum set/piano by recording himself doing each sound effect/hit/note and cutting and pasting them to make full fledged songs.

Drum set/Piano

But that's OFN.

Earlier this week Steel Buddha has shown me something new that might be the greatest musical feat the internet has ever provided. Kutiman took dozens of videos off YouTube and cut and pasted them together to make Thru You.

Hit "play" and listen to all seven songs. Then go back to the first and listen, click "credits" and it will overlay the people whose videos were used. If you click on a name it will pause the song for you and open a new tab with the original YouTube video for you to watch.

I've listened to it all about 20 times already.

Truely badass.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

ukuleles brah

better than mtv

denny 'blazin' hazen - average homeboy

deshawn crackhead - amazing grace

the great daryl nathan - fourth of july

the el paso police dept - think twice

sonseed - jesus is my friend


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