Monday, February 25, 2008

new gnarls barkley

so the wonderduo known as gnarls barkley is releasing their follow up to the multi-platinum grammy winning 'st elsewhere'. you can check out the first single 'run' from 'the odd couple' set to hit shelves on april 8. check it here for windows media player (lame) or here for the real player (also lame). then go buy that shit. i wonder if pelican city has gotten more recognition because of the danger mouse blowing up recently. if not that's superlame cause pelican city is tits. big fake just above a c-section stripper tits.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

20 grand man

so it takes 6 months to reach 10000 and only 2 months to reach 20000. are people still really that into seeing britney spears vajoyna?? derb.

Monday, February 18, 2008

doesn't get much funnier than this


david coverversion: richard thompson vs. the star spangles

i figured i'd put these two star spangles posts together.

"i feel so good i'm going to make somebody's day tonight
i feel so good i'm going to make somebody pay tonight
i'm old enough to sin but i'm too young to vote
society's been dragging on the tail of my coat
now i've got a suitcase full of fifty pound notes
and a half-naked woman with her tongue down my throat"

richard thompson - i feel so good
the star spangles - i feel so good

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2007 misses: the star spangles

the star spangles 'dirtybomb'
remember when the strokes apparently made nyc cool again? at least that's what rolling stone probably said. well back in the early to mid aughts, other bands were making great music and they didn't need super rich parents or boarding schools in switzerland. one of those bands is the star spangles. dishing out the punk so prevalent new york city's veins--see the ramones, the heartbreakers, richard hell & the voidoids, the dictators and so on--the star spangles made nary a splash with their super catchy punkish leanings debut 'bazooka!' back in 2004. i had all but forgotten about them when i randomly came across their follow up 'dirtybomb'. giving putting out records another shot (they were dropped from capitol before they went under i think), they're back with a reformed line-up though all the original members played on this. it might have sat on a shelf or two for some time, i don't know, but it doesn't exactly pick up right where 'bazooka!' left off. they had legendary organ/piano player ian mclagan play on this record which is what probably gives it its bluesy garage feel. thats a pretty tits coincidence as i am currently reading this awesome book. check both out or
else you're a neo-maxi-zoom-dweebie making yourself a better citizen.

the star spangles - tear it to pieces girl

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david coverversion: the stooges vs. superdrag vs. the replacements

anyone still listen to superdrag?? well they're back together and ready to kinda kick some geeky ass and wax some hipster minge again. while they're back in the studio recording some original tunes a buncha people aren't gonna hear, we're going to revisit some of their covers. back in the early aughts they released a kinda ep/lp unit that saw them re-record some older shit and also had some new shit. 'greetings from tennessee' contained their take of the kinks' 'you really got me' and the replacements' 'bastards of young'. for a time too long the replacements were unknown to the dude here. when pigeon kicking's own nicholas said that while i was looking into the smiths, i should check out the replacements as well. seeing is that i'm the last one on the replacement train, i figured i don't need to get into that much of their history. paul westerberg is adored by lots of motherfuckers everywhere, tommy stinson has been playing bass in guns'n'roses since 1998, his brother bob died in 1995, and chris mars was also in golden smog and together they made a tremendous racket back in the early 80's up in minnesota. as i only gots 'let it be' and 'tim' i am looking forward to hearing more of them very much. iggy pop i might have heard before. i mean who doesn't want to go on a royal carribean cruise? his band the stooges i have definitely heard before as 'fun house' is fucking excellent rock n roll record. the 'we will fall' tribute record is pretty good and also has monster magnet, blanks77, and pansy division amongst some other cool and lame bands.

the replacements - bastards of young
superdrag - bastards of young
superdrag - 1970
the stooges - 1970

superdrag - sucked out

superdrag tour dates
04.09.08 the 8x10 10 e cross st baltimore, md 21230
04.11.08 terminal 5 610 w 56th new york, ny 10019
04.12.08 johnny brenda's 1201 n frankford philadelphia, pa 19125

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

new tapes n tapes & new islands

so here is finally some new tapes n tapes. off the soon to be released and eventually on lotsa best-of lists come december 'walk it off'. they posted this track up on their myspace dealy but you can skip that pussyshit and get the track directly below.

tapes n tapes - hang them all

do you know who i am? i am the arm and i sound like this...

islands - the arm

bob, i want all my garmonbozia. that gum you like is going to come back in style.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

david coverversion: blanche vs. the rolling stones vs. social distortion

so that new blanche record is tits. i might have said before that it's gothic americana at it's haunted finest. if anyone remembers their first album 'if we can't trust the doctors...' then you remember their glorious take on the gun clubs 'jack on fire'. for 'little amber bottles' they continued their having one cover on our record dealy and cut a take of the rolling stones 'child of the moon'. 'child of the moon' was the country/honkytonk influenced b-side to the 'beggars banquet' single 'jumpin' jack flash'. kicking favorite mike ness and his social distortion finished off my favorite album of theirs, 'white light white heat white trash', with the raucous good time that is 'under my thumb'. so whats the deal with all the hits lately. someone want to let us in on why 2000 people hit this shit in the last 36 hours??

blanche - child of the moon
the rolling stones - child of the moon
the rolling stones - under my thumb
social distortion - under my thumb

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Monday, February 11, 2008

2007 misses: midnight movies

midnight movies 'lion the girl'
los angeles' midnight movies flew way under the radar this year with 'lion the girl'. as i hugely enjoyed their self-titled debut a few years back, i can't believe i forgot about this record. this technically should be a 2007 forgot not a miss. i digress. the noir that oozes from this record is all over the spectrum. a little surf here, some spacey shoegaze and jesus & mary chain there, 50's love, 60's organs, catchy riffs, steady competent drumwork, and an idea that the sing chick has a copy of 'chelsea girl' are all combined into one excellent record. check out 'two years' as it starts off like a lost lee hazelwood & nancy sinatra track before jumping into some organ loving raveonettes romp with a sonic youth noise concoction and finally wandering off into that long david lynch goodnight. fucking excellent. had this gotten the proper attention 'two years' would have been the #1 song of the year.

midnight movies - two years

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

grand archives

so as the david coververions are getting kinda boring, i guess i'm gonna start writing about new music that catches my ear. i really didn't want to add this aspect because when you read other bloglames, all they do is talk about how they heard this awesome track from some totally new band that you've never heard of before. fucking selfish indie cred. like 'check this totally new band, sweaty cunt, that mixes ubergay electro and a totally ironic screamo style singing blended nicely in with some pussy-ass twee' or 'check this totally awesome skaemo band, tigerfart, with hipsters who dress so retrocool that it doesn't matter that their music sucks cunthairs'. keep on the look out for these fucking guys and remember i told you about them first. at least make it seem that you don't only surf myspace in search of your holy grail band, like you actually have a life and real skin and blood friends away from your computer nerd screen.

anyways, only because i came across grand archives will i be doing this. those of youse from the great northwest probably know about these cats. this mat brooke--formerly of band of horses--led quintet concocts the same dreamy-ish indie pop as his previous band. archives is sorta like this northwest supergroup with member playing in previous bands such as the joggers, the jeunes and a bunch of other groups you've probably never even heard of. as i listened to both band of horses records, i was curious as to why 'cease to begin' was missing something that 'everything all the time' had. well that missing piece is mat brooke. grand archives self-titled debut record hits shelves on feb 19 courtesy of subpop. head over to their mylame page to hear other tracks, currently they only have one other song up. and grab 'torn blue foam couch' below.

grand archives - torn blue foam couch
band of horses - weed party
the joggers - wicked light sleeper

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david coverversions: the supremes vs. vanilla fudge vs. beethoven

the song 'you keep me hangin' on' was first recorded by the supremes on their 1967 'the supremes sing holland-dozier-holland' record. the supremes arguably being the most popular of the 60's girl groups. most popular because they hit it off with whites and blacks which meant more places they could perform at. a few years later vanilla fudge gave a shot at the song and became one of the more known takes. vanilla fudge was sweet back it the day. only seriously around for barely 3 years it seems like half of their catalog was comprised of covers. they got back together for a record in 1984 and then again in 2001 and 2007. 2001's 'the return' was a record that saw them try out rod stewart, marvin gaye, nsync and the backstreet boys. i don't know about that latter shit. who does vanilla fudge think they are? richard thompson? cause richard thompson they're not. anyways, 2007's 'out through the in door' was all led zeppelin covers and i'm sure isn't bad. if you want to know what the zep stuck in molasses sounds like, the in door can probably answer that for you. for 1968's 'the beat goes on' which wasn't an album of songs as much as it was a collage of sounds with song excerpts or something. their moonlight sonata/fur elise hybrid is pretty boobs. i think it's pretty sweet that somehow a band i like combines my two favorite beethoven compositions into one song. sweet tits. so anyone have rod stewart's take of hangin' on?? i bet it's also sweet tits.

the supremes - you keep me hangin' on
vanilla fudge - you keep me hangin' on
vanilla fudge - moonlight sonata/fur elise
beethoven - moonlight sonata
beethoven - fur elise

mark ronson feat. daniel merriweather - stop me

ps. if you're interested in daniel merriweather check out this streamage for his song 'chainsaw'.

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free record #5: hotpipes 'hotpipes'

i've been sitting on this record for awhile. i don't know why. and i guess seeing is that they've got a new record coming out in a few weeks (feb. 29th) it would be a good idea to finish this one off.

this defendant be: hotpipes. when i first heard this record i couldn't quite get past the 'the walkmen meeting the talking heads in elvis costello's practice space and hitting record' description. at least for side a. side b let's you know that they listened to '13 songs' and the first hot hot heat record as well. as i'm already happy with what tennessee has kicked out over the past coupla years--see kings of leon, the features, be your own pet, framing hanley--i was excited to see what else tennessee had up its sleeve.

this record has been getting regular rotations in my home and car stereos. songs made up of delicious indie hooks bordering on lo-fi that only give the feeling that they are on the edge of coming apart. sometimes just before they do, they jump into a bouncing chorus or they do sorta dissipate and fall off. as with terrene's 'the indifferent universe' these songs here seem to flow into one another. maybe it's just that there is no silence between them. the loose feel of this record brings up imagery of laid back live and control rooms. no one stressing over certain sounds or parts like that goober from the strokes did. as with the previously mentioned kings of leon, there is a definite southern vibe kicked up with the dust here. simple organ and keyboard melodies shine thru the laid back mixture of naked but excellently played drums, scattered guitars, and distinctive vocals. song such as 'if...don't...' and 'so bored' make excellent use of the ivories while songs like 'song for the late riser' and 'rattle cats' let the drums carry the song on.

this is what i like in music. a band coming together for the sake of music. there's no over-production here. this almost gives the impression that this is just a flashy demo. well, flashy for a demo. there isn't much more you can ask for than a decent band who actually sounds like they're having a good time and not overdubbing the vibes in later. this makes me very excited for the leap year day release of 'futurebolt' which i will most certainly be picking up. also "cause god is a whore".

arbitrary grade: i'm a-gettin' whiskey drunk tonight!

test song
starter kit
rattle cats

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

david coverversions: wildwood flower

there used to be this dude on the ebay that would sell used cd's for 0 dollars and 8 cents plus a buck shipping. he might still be out there, his seller name was kmak333. from him i got a-many awesome record supercheap and a fuckton of shit i'd never heard (of) before, also supercheap. one of those was this 'mountain guitar pickin'' compilation. crammed packed with sweet authentic old time bluegrass standards and some tunes i hadn't heard before. this tune was made famous back in the late 1920's when the carter family came down from the mountains with this song in their repertoire. a hit on both sides of the fence, many people gave takes on this song with or without the lyrics. for bluegrass you need 2 things. 1. you need to know the g, c and d chords. and 2. you need a simple melody you know how to play in g. the melody for 'wildwood flower' is very recognizable and over the years many crackers have given it a shot. as always send ones we ain't gots.

the carter family - wildwood flower (live 1935)
earl taylor & jim mccall with the stoney mt. boys - wildwood flower
the ventures - wildwood flower
mike ness - wildwood flower
duane eddy - wildwood flower
flatt & scruggs - wildwood flower (live)
johnny cash - wildwood flower
the nitty gritty dirt band - wildwood flower
woody guthrie - sinking of the reuben james

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david coverversion: fleetwood mac vs. seaweed

seaweed hit the northwest scene about the same time i was getting my first pubes. lumped in the same scene as quicksand and mudhoney and jawbreaker, i first heard these cats in the movie 'clerks'. among the many excellent tracks on the 'clerks' soundtrack--alice in chains' 'got me wrong', stabbing westwards' 'violent mood swings', the jesus lizard's 'panic in cicero', those bad religion and golden smog songs--was seaweed's sweet take on fleetwood mac's 'go you own way'. you all know fleetwod mac right? in between losing members to kid fingering cults and having records that push 4 million units for the man considered failures to the lead singer needing coke blown up her ass in the studio, fleetwod mac has written some excellent tunes. from the billion selling 'rumours' comes this track. and the other fleetwood mac track, which happens to be my favorite of theirs. the other seaweed song is from their 1995 album 'spanaway' and happens to be my favorite of their tunes.

fleetwood mac - go your own way
seaweed - go your own way

fleetwood mac - second hand news
seaweed - start with

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