Monday, July 2, 2007

david coverversion: blanche vs. the gun club vs. alejandro escovedo

i first caught wind of blanche whilst looking up shit on the white stripes, finding out that blanche frontman, dan john miller, was in a group called two-star tabernacle with jack white. further investigations led to descriptions of the music and this review (the one at the bottom of the page by the times) led me to blindly getting their debut 'if we can't trust the doctors'. on this said debut, which is totally boss and highly recommended, blanche gives us a cover of cult-punkers the gun club's 'jack on fire' off their excellent debut 'fire of love'. coincidently, i first heard of the gun club when the white stripes covered 'for the love of ivy' live at some show, from the same record. weird. now, i was first introduced to alejandro escovedo thru quentin tarantino's 'kill bill' soundtrack collection. man, what the fuck doesn't quentin have his hands on? anyways, he gives us his rendition of 'sex beat' from the very same record as mentioned before. his rendition is off of his 1999 album 'bourbonitis blues', which i found at a used record shop for like $6. fuckin' a! also, if anyone knows anything about two-star tabernacle, don't keep your mouth shut.

blanche - jack on fire
the gun club - jack on fire
the gun club - sex beat
alejandro escovedo - sex beat

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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