Sunday, July 22, 2007

david coverversion: magnetic fields vs. arcade fire

so we all know the arcade fire blew everyone's minds with 'funeral' and then came charging back with the stellar 'neon bible'. now i don't want to brag and all, but when i was in high school in new hampshire at merrimack, we played phillips-exeter in soccer and kicked the living shit out of them. you might be asking yourself 'why does this matter, you asshole braggart?' well, lemme tell you that win butler happened to be attending the hoity-toity private academy at the time. why don't you write a charging ballad about that, win? eh? anyways, pigeon kicking's own nicholas has a huge hetero-boner for stephen merritt's magnetic fields. thru him, i became familiar with all of stephen's project; the 6ths, future bible heroes, the gothic archies, etc... now enjoy the arcade fire's interpretation of nicholas' favorite magnetic fields song 'born on a train' while i continue watching 'batman begins'. it's totally excellent (the song, and maybe the movie).

magnetic fields - born on a train
arcade fire
- born on a train

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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