Friday, July 13, 2007

david coverversion: bruce springsteen vs. junip

junip, also known as the band that jose gonzales is in, gives us a terrific version of the boss' 'the ghost of tom joad'. now everyone knows rage against the machine's totally competent version released a few years back but this time around someone kept the chill in. 'the black refuge EP' that houses this song is just as good jose's solo debut 'veneer', both of which are highly recommended. but, there are way better albums from the boss than 'the ghost of tom joad', like 'nebraska', 'born to run', or his latest 'we shall overcome: the seeger sessions' (the latter being superduper tits.) hey, i'd write more about how good this fucking song is, but i'm about to drive to and spend three days in cincinnati, which seems like a fit punishment for laziness. it's good when bands keep the suck notch turned way down. boss.

bruce springsteen - the ghost of tom joad
junip -
the ghost of tom joad

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