Sunday, July 22, 2007

david coverversion: the yardbirds vs. possum dixon

the yardbirds were known for having an amazing guitari line-up; eric clapton, jeff beck, and jimmy page-- though not all three at the same time (jeff beck and jimmy page were, but clapton was solo). also, they made pretty good blues based music that crept into psychedelia. los angeles alteranerds possum dixon give a sweet interpretation of, arguably, the yardbirds best song--'for your love'. possum dixon released two under the radar albums, that you can almost always find on ebay for cheap, before releasing their last album 'new sheets' produced by ric ocasek. that's right, their label was trying to cash them in on that weezer sound. not that their last album isn't good, you can just tell some label douche nozzle was like 'make them sound like that sweater band, that should sell. high five. radical. but if it doesn't those fucking punks are dropped.' so, all three possum dixon albums come highly recommended, just the first two, 'possum dixon' and 'star maps' are a little more psychedelic and original than the last. also added are a couple other good rare possum dixon b-sides. do it.

the yardbirds - for your love
possum dixon - for your love

possum dixon - overdriving
possum dixon - farewell my lovely
possum dixon - bathroom

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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