Wednesday, July 18, 2007

kool keith

kool keith has more aliases than fu manchu had candles on his birthday cake and all of it is way better than any of that bullshit you'd hear from some cuntrocket rapper you'd see on cribs. check any of his shit out--highly worth your time. now i'd write more, not that i don't have time, i'm just still on a ridiculous lazy streak.

dr. dooom - neighbors next door
dr. octagon - halfsharkalligatorhalfman
sergei khmelev - u jerk chickens
matthew - f-u m.f.
mr. nogatco - dark space
project polaroid - talk to the romans
diesel truckers - diesel truckers theme
kool keith - little girls
ultra - get off the dick
thee undatakerz - for whom the bell tolls
black elvis - lost in space
analog brothers - 2005

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't


chriscoyier said...

What? No Black Elvis?

randy said...

der. i totally dropped the ball on that one.

randy said...

i also forgot the sweet analog brothers as well.


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