Monday, July 2, 2007

those sneaky fucking limey bastards

director/producer matthew vaughn has had his hands in many a sweet movie. directing and producing 'layer cake' and producing 'snatch' and 'lock, stock, and two smoking barrels' among others, dude and sometime cohort guy ritchie have seemingly become the uk's quentin tarantino (minus guy ritchie's 'swept away' of course, it could have been sorta worthwhile if we saw madonna's burger or something in it, but we've all seen that, right?) meant by that is that they have a huge grasp on what they think cool looks, talks, sounds, and acts like. the soundtracks for the three previously mentioned movies directly back up my sentiments. check out those movies if you've lived in a cave on mars with your fingers in your ears for the last nine or so years. and if you haven't seen them and weren't on mars, can i offer you some more weaksauce, guv'nor?

from 'lock, stock, and two smoking barrels'
dusty springfield - spooky
james brown - the boss

from 'snatch'
the stranglers - golden brown
oasis - fuckin' in the bushes

from 'layer cake'
the source (feat. candi staton) - you got the love
starsailor - four to the floor (soulsavers mix)

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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