Tuesday, July 31, 2007

interpol & calla last night

too bad the show is at the rave. well, i had forgotten that since the last time interpol played the rave they have since replaced the sound system and had realized that the rave was now a reputable venue, proven last year when the kings of leon set it on fire and the secret machines burnt it down when they toured together. so i guess too bad the show wasn't in madison--or at least it wasn't in chicago. either way, the glass contained whiskey.

we missed calla, but interpol sounded great. and if great was funny, then it was almost as great as the girl who walked thru the crowd then stopped, fell over and passed out at our feet. the surrounding people looked at her, then looked at each other, then looked at her again, then looked at each other again, then some looked back at the show, and some looked back at her, and then she woke up got up and walked away, then everyone without saying a word to each other went back to looking at the show. little known fact: the dude from the killers is now in interpol as the bass player. who knew? another little known fact: although i have no photographic proof from the show as camera phones are for mullets and upskirts only, but it appears that hitler may have been resurrected and as a punishment he was sent to play keyboards for interpol. i'm almost certain it was dave scher from all night radio, the tyde, and the beachwood sparks. if anyone has photographic proof proving otherwise, send it, or we'll just assume hitler is still getting wobbly h'd by the devil and a centaur in hell.

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