Friday, July 6, 2007

the frogs are funnier than you

i remember first hearing of the frogs back in 1996 when keyboardist jonathan melvoin od'd on a hot dose while touring with the smashing pumpkins. the replacement was none other than dennis flemion of the frogs. hailing from milwaukee, wi, the frogs started up in 1980 but didn't release material until almost 1990. the band consisting of two brothers, the previously mentioned dennis and jimmy, who are way funnier than you. it would seem that superheroes ween have most certainly taken a page from the book of frogs, but that is just an assumption. anyways, any of the albums that the frogs have released are a mixture between great and superhilarious and all come highly recommended if you like music that doesn't take itself too seriously or serious at all for that matter. try 'it's only right and natural', 'racially yours' or 'my daughter the broad' to start with, then go get their homemade video 'toy porno'. then lighten up, nerds.

hot cock annie
i'm sad the goat just died today
someone's pinning me down
i'm hungry
god is gay
dykes are we
which one of you gave my daughter the dope?

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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