Saturday, July 21, 2007

david coverversion: roy rogers vs. louis armstrong vs. the white stripes

although roy rogers didn't write 'don't fence me in', it was his version that most people know. teaming up with the sons of the pioneers, he had sung it in two different movies, 'hollywood canteen' and 'don't fence me in', which he also starred in. bing crosby recorded a million selling version that reached #1 on the charts, so maybe that's the most famous version. not bad for a child abuser. louis armstrong teamed up with velma middleton for a jazzy interpretation of this hillbilly number, and he also recorded a version of the anonymously written 'st. james infirmary blues'. so many people have given various versions of this song the list would go on and on, but here's a few you might not have thought about; isobel campbell and mark lanegan, oingo boingo (danny elfman's know who danny elfman is right? no? jesus christ you're superlame), doc watson, the stray cats, and the animals. the white stripes did a version for their first record that's just boffo. then again, jack white could play any song from 1930 and previous and it would be sweet.

roy rogers - don't fence me in
louis armstrong -
don't fence me in
louis armstrong - st. james infirmary blues
the white stripes -
st. james infirmary blues

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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