Tuesday, July 31, 2007

david coverversion: richard thompson vs. the del mccoury band

bluegrass legend del mccoury's voice is a textbook case of what a bluegrass tenor singer should sound like. he's been keeping the scene alive since 1958, but it was in 1963 when he first played the grand ole opry as the banjo player in bill monroe's bluegrass boys that he really stepped up. since forming the del mccoury band in the late 60's, originally del mccoury and the dixie pals, he now has his son ronnie playing killing the mandolin (since 1981) and his other son robbie acting the same way on the banjo (since 1987). covering richie's '1952 vincent black lightning' for their 2001 album 'del and the boys' would evertually lead them to an ibma award for song of the year in 2002. the same album also hosts 'all aboard' which is way badass as well. so far, del has amassed a total of 31 ibma's and 1 grammy. click here to read what i would put here about richard thompson, who had help by way of nanci griffith when he sang his version for the sessions at west 54th program, which aired on pbs for three awesome seasons. if anyone knows where a list of seasons two and three can be found, send us an postcard to here.

richard thompson & nanci griffith - 1952 vincent black lightning
the del mccoury band - 1952 vincent black lightning

the del mccoury band - all aboard

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