Wednesday, June 27, 2007

david coverversion: richard thompson vs. britney spears

richard thompson started recording back in 1967 with fairport convention and has been going steady ever since be it solo, with his wife linda or other various musicians, or just as a studio hired gun. he has also written some of the greatest fucking songs ever. see cooksferry queen, 1952 vincent black lightning (of which you will hear when i get around to doing the del mccoury band david coverversion), i can't wake up to save my life, and on and on. really anything he's done is supergreat. even covering a britney spears song(?!) for his '1000 years of popular music' cd/dvd set. ol' richie here also serves up covers of the kinks, justin timberlake, and others. i haven't heard the whole thing yet, but i'm sure it's swell. britney spears writes all of her own music and words and sings live at her concerts. amazing! also, britney spears covered 'i love rock and roll' because she loves pat benetar. i'm just saying.

richard thompson - oops... i did it again
britney spears - oops... i did it again

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't


Anonymous said...

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randy said...

that's what i was thinking

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