Friday, June 1, 2007

side a track one

after mentioning in a post about how calla's 'it dawned on me' is one of my recent favorite side a track one's, it got me thinking about first tracks from other various albums. usually the first song should determine how the rest of the listen is going to go. these aren't necessarily my favorite's or whatever, but good songs that start out good albums, good lead off tracks that pave the way for the rest. blah blah blah.

blonde redhead - elephant woman from 'misery is a butterfly'
drive-by truckers - where the devil don't stay from 'the dirty south'
guided by voices - man called aerodynamics from 'under the bushes under the stars'
mando diao - cut the rope from 'hurricane bar'
mike ness - the devil in miss jones from 'cheating at solitaire'
ours - fallen souls from 'distorted lullabies'
pink floyd - one of these days from 'meddle'
pulp - the fear from 'this is hardcore'
the coral - spanish main from 'the coral'
the frogs - i've got drugs (out of the mist) from 'it's only right and natural'
the rapture - olio from 'echoes'
voxtrot - mothers, sisters, daughters and wives
from 'mothers, sisters, daughters and wives'

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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