Thursday, June 14, 2007

david coverversion: the jesus and mary chain vs. the brakes (brakesbrakesbrakes)

the influence of the jesus and mary chain is all over the map. granted they're basically a re-incarnation of the velvet underground, but maybe why that's why they're so fucking cool. see the sunglasses and feedbacks. also see here and here. taking a seat and sip of country wine for 'stoneded and dethroned', jamc released a great laid back, countryish record that the brakes have heard. not that the brakes are some pussy ass alt country boy outfit, see the song 'most fun' or read the lyics here. (it should be 'i spent three long nights and two whole days losing my mind on mdma'. killer. but, we've all done that, right?) anyways, they've re-worked jamc's 'sometimes always' with the pipettes singing back-up, and adding a punk snarl to an already great two chord song. delicious. word is frontman eamon quit his day job as the keyboard player for the great british sea power to concentrate on the brakes, now brakesbrakesbrakes in the usa cause some whiny hippies in philadelphia called their mommies and told on them for having the same name. they're still the brakes in europe cause apparently they don't let pussies in over there, they just breed them--see coldplay, robbie williams, bloc party, keane, starsailor, and so on... anyways, go get 'give blood' and waste 29 precious minutes listening to the 16 tracks and decide for yourself while you wait for the next. fuck it, just for kicks here's 'most fun' too, crybabies.

the jesus and mary chain - sometimes always
the brakes - sometimes always

the brakes - most fun

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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