Friday, June 8, 2007

the deaths

used record stores are great. some recent pick ups have been 'nevermind' ($2), 'graceland' ($2), 'plastic ono band' ($4), 'velvet underground + nico' ($4), 'doolittle' ($4), american IV ($2). then i found this record "invisible choir" by the deaths. again, having remembered reading some shit somewhere, i picked it up. at times sounding like a mix between the rolling stones circa 'their satanic majesties request' and the monkees circa 'the birds, the bees, and the monkees', with maybe a little alt country thrown in. not bad. even though i only paid a fiver for it, i would have easily thrown tenner down now that i know.

a sea is a sea
curtains for us all

go but whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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