Monday, June 4, 2007

david coverversion: pulp vs. nick cave

so for the single 'bad cover version' from pulp's 2nd finest record 'we love life', they had two versions of it released, one with some proper b-sides, and another with two covers. the first 'sorted out for e's & wizz' from the earth shaking album 'different class', by roisin murphy, (e's=ecstasy, wizz=speed, drugs=sweet-are any around?) and the second is 'disco 2000' from the same album, by nick cave. i hope i don't have to get into just how bad ass nick cave is. the birthday party, grinderman, the movie 'the proposition', waxing kylie minogue's minge; the list goes on and on. disco 2000 was the first pulp song i'd ever heard after seeing the video on mtlame2 or something, like 10 years ago, and have enjoyed going thru their back catalog. also included is a birthday party song, the excellent new single from nick cave's new band, grinderman, and a pretty awesome jarvis cocker song from his new album 'jarvis'. indeed, cunts are running the world.

pulp - disco 2000
nick cave - disco 2000

jarvis cocker - running the world
the birthday party - she's hit
grinderman - no pussy blues

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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