Monday, June 11, 2007


so back in like 1999, i was first introduced to thievery corporation. immediately, i was drawn into their lounge-ish, downtempo-y, way-fucking-cooler-than-you-are sound. it didn't hurt that we had just finished a blunt the size of a little baseball bat you'd get at a cubs game. then again, hearing juliet and the licks and not seeing her as opposed to not hearing and not seeing her would probably have been good too, maybe. i digress. it opened a whole new world of music for me, which was good because i was a stupid teenager, as i had been listening to the electronic music for a bit, because i was a stupid teenager, which can get a lot bland. plus ravers are the fucking worst. need more proof? yowzers! anywho, the superhip label eighteenth street lounge (thievery corp, thunderball, ursula1000, nicola conte, etc..) only puts out totally rad records by motherfuckers you've never heard of, so go get some new tunes and impress your lame friends. then, do reefer and chill out, neeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrds.

broadway project - directions
dusted - always remember to respect your mother
thievery corporation - 2001 a spliff odyssey
thunderball - sid's mellow trip
tosca - suzuki
swollen - bent
groove armada - dusk you & me
gotan project - el capitalismo foraneo

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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