Saturday, May 10, 2008

new gnarls barkley video

gnarls barkley - going on

check out bob gnarley as he hits up festivals all over this blue and green motherfucker this summer. click here for dates.

Friday, May 9, 2008

(the best damn) band website template ever

so whilst crunching it up out in portland, kicker chriscoyier has cranked out yet another internet project. enter (the best damn) band website template ever dot com. if you're in a band and need a sweet tits website hit chris up. chris does amazing work on this internets so help him feed his kids!

yacht video

i don't know much about these guys but i likes what i hear.

Monday, May 5, 2008

sell outs?

anyone want to advertise on this site?? hit us up. we will be back up and running at at least half-steam here soon.

Friday, May 2, 2008

pork and beans

a new weezer song...? let's hope #6 is better than #5, which was really #2.
click me.

the details

so i've just been hipped to these canadians and you can catch them in may if you happen to be living in canada. good indie popish-ness.

May 2 Rimouski, Quebec Bar Le Rhino
May 3 Halifax, Nova Scotia Gus's Pub
May 4 Fredericton, New Brunswick The Capital
May 6 Sherbrooke, Quebec Telephone Rouge
May 8 Trois Rivers, Quebec Nord Quest Cafe
May 9 Montreal, Quebec Le Divan Orange
May 10 Toronto, Ontario The Drake
May 12 Hamilton, Ontario The Casbah
May 21 Regina, Saskatchewan The Club
May 22 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Lydia's Pub
May 23 Canmore, Alberta Canmore Hotel
May 27 Cranbrook, British Columbia Misty's
May 30 Calgary, Alberta The Stetson
May 31 Calgary, Alberta The Palomino

check some tuneage at their myspace.

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