Sunday, July 1, 2007

david coverversion: the 13th floor elevators vs. bob dylan vs. the seldom scene

off the road boredom has led me to start cranking out these david coverversions.

psychedelic innovators the 13th floor elevators used to party with townes van zandt back in the texas 60's. that is until roky erickson got caught with one joint and instead of heading off to prison for 10 years, he plead insane and underwent 4 years of electro-shock therapy. other notable musicians who have had the same therapy are lou reed (cause his parents thought he was gay), joey ramone (probably for his ocd), and townes van zandt (for his manic depression). for the 13th's second album, 'easter everywhere', they gave us their lsd soaked version of the classic dylan song 'it's all over now, baby blue'. sweeeeeeet! bluegrass legends the seldom scene gave us their version on their 1975 record 'live at the cellar door'. if youse ever get a chance to see the scene, there is a good chance youse can talk their young guitari into drinking warm pbr's with youse as we almost did, if we weren't such a bunch of drunken fanboys at the time (i think or maybe other reasons, i can't remember), a few years back at the graves mountain bluegrass festivus. tits! as good as these are, we all know that bob dylan is for the byrds.

bob dylan - it's all over now, baby blue
the seldom scene -
it's all over now, baby blue
the 13th floor elevators -
it's all over now, baby blue

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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