Thursday, July 12, 2007


the last thing you hear from an album is important. it's the last message from the artist to the listener, the last sound until they come around again. when an album closes out i like it when i say to myself, "that was sweet. i can't wait for the next thing this collective is going to say to me, but in the meantime let's fucking hear that again." so, without any further ramblings.

dire straits - brothers in arms from 'brothers in arms'
creedence clearwater revival - effigy from 'willy and the poor boys'
the warlocks - oh shadie from 'the phoenix album'
band of horses - st. augustine from 'everything all the time'
ratatat - tacobel canon from 'classics'
interpol - leif erikson from 'turn on the bright lights'
clinic - fingers from 'winchester catherdral'

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't


anandamide said...

i know its an unoriginal choice, but "a day in the life" has to be the ultimate closer. that piano chord....

SuperOpenToNewIdeas said...

i like interpol's song. i mean music.

chriscoyier said...

I second St. Augustine on that Band of Horses album. I like its musical qualities.

I also vote for Our Paths Will Cross Again on William Elliot Whitmore's album Hymns For The Hopeless. It ends with this really minimal clean bass + loose percussion. It's kinda like a futuristic jug-band. Then some dude starts psudeo-rapping about how awesome his next album will be. Love it.

randy said...

anandamide: that would probably be my favorite of all beatles closers with the possible exception of 'get back'... and my boss just happens to have the original sheet that john lennon wrote the lyrics on hanging in his office. i can't help but read it everyday... oh boy.

superopen: that's the good thing about interpol, all their songs sound the same.'s pop-punk and nickelback and the faggy shit gothtards listen to...

chriscoyier: you should do one of these because your record collection is pretty tits as well


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