Monday, February 18, 2008

2007 misses: the star spangles

the star spangles 'dirtybomb'
remember when the strokes apparently made nyc cool again? at least that's what rolling stone probably said. well back in the early to mid aughts, other bands were making great music and they didn't need super rich parents or boarding schools in switzerland. one of those bands is the star spangles. dishing out the punk so prevalent new york city's veins--see the ramones, the heartbreakers, richard hell & the voidoids, the dictators and so on--the star spangles made nary a splash with their super catchy punkish leanings debut 'bazooka!' back in 2004. i had all but forgotten about them when i randomly came across their follow up 'dirtybomb'. giving putting out records another shot (they were dropped from capitol before they went under i think), they're back with a reformed line-up though all the original members played on this. it might have sat on a shelf or two for some time, i don't know, but it doesn't exactly pick up right where 'bazooka!' left off. they had legendary organ/piano player ian mclagan play on this record which is what probably gives it its bluesy garage feel. thats a pretty tits coincidence as i am currently reading this awesome book. check both out or
else you're a neo-maxi-zoom-dweebie making yourself a better citizen.

the star spangles - tear it to pieces girl

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