Monday, February 18, 2008

david coverversion: the stooges vs. superdrag vs. the replacements

anyone still listen to superdrag?? well they're back together and ready to kinda kick some geeky ass and wax some hipster minge again. while they're back in the studio recording some original tunes a buncha people aren't gonna hear, we're going to revisit some of their covers. back in the early aughts they released a kinda ep/lp unit that saw them re-record some older shit and also had some new shit. 'greetings from tennessee' contained their take of the kinks' 'you really got me' and the replacements' 'bastards of young'. for a time too long the replacements were unknown to the dude here. when pigeon kicking's own nicholas said that while i was looking into the smiths, i should check out the replacements as well. seeing is that i'm the last one on the replacement train, i figured i don't need to get into that much of their history. paul westerberg is adored by lots of motherfuckers everywhere, tommy stinson has been playing bass in guns'n'roses since 1998, his brother bob died in 1995, and chris mars was also in golden smog and together they made a tremendous racket back in the early 80's up in minnesota. as i only gots 'let it be' and 'tim' i am looking forward to hearing more of them very much. iggy pop i might have heard before. i mean who doesn't want to go on a royal carribean cruise? his band the stooges i have definitely heard before as 'fun house' is fucking excellent rock n roll record. the 'we will fall' tribute record is pretty good and also has monster magnet, blanks77, and pansy division amongst some other cool and lame bands.

the replacements - bastards of young
superdrag - bastards of young
superdrag - 1970
the stooges - 1970

superdrag - sucked out

superdrag tour dates
04.09.08 the 8x10 10 e cross st baltimore, md 21230
04.11.08 terminal 5 610 w 56th new york, ny 10019
04.12.08 johnny brenda's 1201 n frankford philadelphia, pa 19125

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