Friday, February 15, 2008

david coverversion: blanche vs. the rolling stones vs. social distortion

so that new blanche record is tits. i might have said before that it's gothic americana at it's haunted finest. if anyone remembers their first album 'if we can't trust the doctors...' then you remember their glorious take on the gun clubs 'jack on fire'. for 'little amber bottles' they continued their having one cover on our record dealy and cut a take of the rolling stones 'child of the moon'. 'child of the moon' was the country/honkytonk influenced b-side to the 'beggars banquet' single 'jumpin' jack flash'. kicking favorite mike ness and his social distortion finished off my favorite album of theirs, 'white light white heat white trash', with the raucous good time that is 'under my thumb'. so whats the deal with all the hits lately. someone want to let us in on why 2000 people hit this shit in the last 36 hours??

blanche - child of the moon
the rolling stones - child of the moon
the rolling stones - under my thumb
social distortion - under my thumb

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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