Thursday, February 7, 2008

free record #5: hotpipes 'hotpipes'

i've been sitting on this record for awhile. i don't know why. and i guess seeing is that they've got a new record coming out in a few weeks (feb. 29th) it would be a good idea to finish this one off.

this defendant be: hotpipes. when i first heard this record i couldn't quite get past the 'the walkmen meeting the talking heads in elvis costello's practice space and hitting record' description. at least for side a. side b let's you know that they listened to '13 songs' and the first hot hot heat record as well. as i'm already happy with what tennessee has kicked out over the past coupla years--see kings of leon, the features, be your own pet, framing hanley--i was excited to see what else tennessee had up its sleeve.

this record has been getting regular rotations in my home and car stereos. songs made up of delicious indie hooks bordering on lo-fi that only give the feeling that they are on the edge of coming apart. sometimes just before they do, they jump into a bouncing chorus or they do sorta dissipate and fall off. as with terrene's 'the indifferent universe' these songs here seem to flow into one another. maybe it's just that there is no silence between them. the loose feel of this record brings up imagery of laid back live and control rooms. no one stressing over certain sounds or parts like that goober from the strokes did. as with the previously mentioned kings of leon, there is a definite southern vibe kicked up with the dust here. simple organ and keyboard melodies shine thru the laid back mixture of naked but excellently played drums, scattered guitars, and distinctive vocals. song such as 'if...don't...' and 'so bored' make excellent use of the ivories while songs like 'song for the late riser' and 'rattle cats' let the drums carry the song on.

this is what i like in music. a band coming together for the sake of music. there's no over-production here. this almost gives the impression that this is just a flashy demo. well, flashy for a demo. there isn't much more you can ask for than a decent band who actually sounds like they're having a good time and not overdubbing the vibes in later. this makes me very excited for the leap year day release of 'futurebolt' which i will most certainly be picking up. also "cause god is a whore".

arbitrary grade: i'm a-gettin' whiskey drunk tonight!

test song
starter kit
rattle cats

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