Thursday, February 7, 2008

david coverversions: the supremes vs. vanilla fudge vs. beethoven

the song 'you keep me hangin' on' was first recorded by the supremes on their 1967 'the supremes sing holland-dozier-holland' record. the supremes arguably being the most popular of the 60's girl groups. most popular because they hit it off with whites and blacks which meant more places they could perform at. a few years later vanilla fudge gave a shot at the song and became one of the more known takes. vanilla fudge was sweet back it the day. only seriously around for barely 3 years it seems like half of their catalog was comprised of covers. they got back together for a record in 1984 and then again in 2001 and 2007. 2001's 'the return' was a record that saw them try out rod stewart, marvin gaye, nsync and the backstreet boys. i don't know about that latter shit. who does vanilla fudge think they are? richard thompson? cause richard thompson they're not. anyways, 2007's 'out through the in door' was all led zeppelin covers and i'm sure isn't bad. if you want to know what the zep stuck in molasses sounds like, the in door can probably answer that for you. for 1968's 'the beat goes on' which wasn't an album of songs as much as it was a collage of sounds with song excerpts or something. their moonlight sonata/fur elise hybrid is pretty boobs. i think it's pretty sweet that somehow a band i like combines my two favorite beethoven compositions into one song. sweet tits. so anyone have rod stewart's take of hangin' on?? i bet it's also sweet tits.

the supremes - you keep me hangin' on
vanilla fudge - you keep me hangin' on
vanilla fudge - moonlight sonata/fur elise
beethoven - moonlight sonata
beethoven - fur elise

mark ronson feat. daniel merriweather - stop me

ps. if you're interested in daniel merriweather check out this streamage for his song 'chainsaw'.

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