Thursday, February 7, 2008

grand archives

so as the david coververions are getting kinda boring, i guess i'm gonna start writing about new music that catches my ear. i really didn't want to add this aspect because when you read other bloglames, all they do is talk about how they heard this awesome track from some totally new band that you've never heard of before. fucking selfish indie cred. like 'check this totally new band, sweaty cunt, that mixes ubergay electro and a totally ironic screamo style singing blended nicely in with some pussy-ass twee' or 'check this totally awesome skaemo band, tigerfart, with hipsters who dress so retrocool that it doesn't matter that their music sucks cunthairs'. keep on the look out for these fucking guys and remember i told you about them first. at least make it seem that you don't only surf myspace in search of your holy grail band, like you actually have a life and real skin and blood friends away from your computer nerd screen.

anyways, only because i came across grand archives will i be doing this. those of youse from the great northwest probably know about these cats. this mat brooke--formerly of band of horses--led quintet concocts the same dreamy-ish indie pop as his previous band. archives is sorta like this northwest supergroup with member playing in previous bands such as the joggers, the jeunes and a bunch of other groups you've probably never even heard of. as i listened to both band of horses records, i was curious as to why 'cease to begin' was missing something that 'everything all the time' had. well that missing piece is mat brooke. grand archives self-titled debut record hits shelves on feb 19 courtesy of subpop. head over to their mylame page to hear other tracks, currently they only have one other song up. and grab 'torn blue foam couch' below.

grand archives - torn blue foam couch
band of horses - weed party
the joggers - wicked light sleeper

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't


Anonymous said...

any more posts coming ?

randy said...

yeah probably.


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