Wednesday, February 6, 2008

david coverversions: wildwood flower

there used to be this dude on the ebay that would sell used cd's for 0 dollars and 8 cents plus a buck shipping. he might still be out there, his seller name was kmak333. from him i got a-many awesome record supercheap and a fuckton of shit i'd never heard (of) before, also supercheap. one of those was this 'mountain guitar pickin'' compilation. crammed packed with sweet authentic old time bluegrass standards and some tunes i hadn't heard before. this tune was made famous back in the late 1920's when the carter family came down from the mountains with this song in their repertoire. a hit on both sides of the fence, many people gave takes on this song with or without the lyrics. for bluegrass you need 2 things. 1. you need to know the g, c and d chords. and 2. you need a simple melody you know how to play in g. the melody for 'wildwood flower' is very recognizable and over the years many crackers have given it a shot. as always send ones we ain't gots.

the carter family - wildwood flower (live 1935)
earl taylor & jim mccall with the stoney mt. boys - wildwood flower
the ventures - wildwood flower
mike ness - wildwood flower
duane eddy - wildwood flower
flatt & scruggs - wildwood flower (live)
johnny cash - wildwood flower
the nitty gritty dirt band - wildwood flower
woody guthrie - sinking of the reuben james

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't


Matt said...

Great post, and the first time I have encountered the term "fuckton" before.

randy said...

thanks. glad we could help expand your vocabulary.


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