Monday, May 21, 2007

david coverversion: the walkmen vs. the drifters

so the drifters, having formed way back in 1953 and still touring, are one of the longest running pop acts to grace stages world-wide. 50 years and 50 hits. not bad. you might have even heard a tune or two, charting with hits such as 'under the boardwalk', 'on broadway', 'save the last dance for me', 'up on the roof', 'this magic moment', and on and on. well, i was pretty stoked when i happened across the drifters greatest hits for $1 let me tell you. and even though the current line-up doesn't even consider having any of the original members on stage, mostly cause they're all dead, these songs from the 50's and 60's having a soothing quality about them that most vocals groups of yore don't come with. like drinking beers on a deck in august and having no mosquitos around. or drinking whiskey under my bed in the dark. good times. for the video game 'stubbs the zombie' (of which i know nothing about, or care to, but do feel free to do some research for yourself), former indie stalwarts the walkmen, have decided to cover 'there goes my baby', possibly for some super duper important part of some game no one's ever played or even heard of. their version, if you are familiar with the walkmen and their sound, is totally walkmencity. good sounding drums and organs and signature guitar tones and the like. sweet. i like it when bands do note for note covers. that's talent.

the drifters - there goes my baby
the walkmen - there goes my baby

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