Wednesday, May 30, 2007

seachange (not beck)

i first heard of seachange a few years back after reading some shit about how their first full length lp, 'lay of the land', released on the legendary indie label matador, is full of haunted tales, violins, repetitive hypnotic guitars, and is super duper. well, they were right and 'lay of the land' remains one of my all time favorite (debut) albums still. having found out that they just released their second fully 'on fire, with love', only available on the grayer side of the pond, i decided to pay the import price and have it sent directly to my mailbox. well, it seems that seachange has brightened up a bit. instead of writing about grisly murders and eating pills, seachange discovered girls. good work, fellas! here is 'the nightwatch' from 'lay of the land' and 'anti-story' from 'on fire'. the song 'glitterball' was big for them or something.

the nightwatch

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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