Wednesday, May 23, 2007


finally got ahold of interpol's first single, 'the heinrich manuever', from their new album 'our love to admire', set to be released on july 10th. as this is my most anticipated album to be released this year or next, i'm fairly stoked that the song is totally dece-worthy after their move to capitol records from matador (as bigwig major label stooges are usually tin-eared fartfaces with no taste whatsoever.) upon the first few listens, it seems it's the logical direction that interpol would head; big scattered guitars, grooving bass, excellent sounding drums, making use of the quiet/loud/quiet dynamics first shown by the pixies and then damn-nearly perfected by nirvana. i wasn't sure what to expect as i'd heard that they weren't working with previous co-producer/engineer/mixer peter katis, but i'm digging on this, reminds me of 'slow hands', kinda. anyways, give'r a listen along with some rare bones.

the heinrich manuever
leif erikson (black sessions)
narc (paul banks mix)
evil (zane lowe sessions)
a time to be so small (early version)

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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