Wednesday, May 23, 2007

david coverversion: the decemberists vs. patti smith

i don't really know much about patti smith except everyone loves her, and everyone thinks she's a total badass. now just after releasing an album of covers called 'twelve', she gave us this little ditty recorded but not picked for the albums final release. along with covering tears for fears, stevie wonder, nirvana, the rolling stones, and gregg allman among many others, she also served up this rendition of 'here i dreamt i was an architect' by everyone's favorite supernerds, the decemberists. originally released on their debut album, the total fucking classic 'castaways and cutouts', she makes the song her own by slowing it down to a laidback, reverbed strum with some melodious bass. check plus. makes me wanna check out her back catalog, should i?

patti smith - here i dreamt i was an architect
the decemberists -
here i dreamt i was an architect

ps the b-side (or a-side) to this is
'perfect day' by lou reed, released on limited 7" vinyl called 'two more'.

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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