Monday, May 21, 2007

david coverversion: roy orbison vs. van halen

not many people have shit on roy oribison. not me, not you, and not one of those feckless twats that stole his image; not bono, not corey hart, not that chick in poison, not devastatin' dave (the turntable slave), and certainly not this fucking guy. the closest anyone comes is stevie wonder, but if he had 20/20, he wouldn't have needed to borrow ol' roy's get-up. anyways, let me get to the meat and potatoes of this post. blah blah blah roy orbison good, classic, idolized, maybe fuck some of the travelling wilburys, but not much. blah blah blah van halen not so much, jump kicks, toothless blah blah blah. get all that? good. so, i don't know who the fuck van halen is fooling thinking they can pull off a stunt like covering '(oh) pretty woman'. you decide. are you fooled?

roy orbison - (oh) pretty woman
van halen - (oh) pretty woman

go buy whatcha likes and delte whatcha don't

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