Friday, May 25, 2007

so long missing string band. happy trails

so i'm off to catch the swansong of local legends the missing string band or here, featuring pigeon kicking's (sometimes) very own chriscoyier. well, i don't know who these stuarts think they are just up and quitting like this, but, you know, like whatever. rising from (some of) the ashes of the paradise string band, these shitkickers know how to throw down. and throw up, just ask the wizard. so, if yer out in colorado, check out guitari chris mcgarry's little solo jaunt and buy him a shot of jager as he looks for a new camp in crunchy, granola heaven (boulder). meanwhile, drew is looking to solidify the line-up for his shakira cover project, tentatively called shaqueera. lastly, harmony is from ft. atkinson.

godspeed you, missing string band, headed for that big whiskey river in the sky. now enjoy two mcgarry orignals and a harmony original as well, called 'lonesome cowgirl'. look for the missing string band ep, 'latin superhits' sometime next year.

carolina in the rain
lonesome cowgirl

go but whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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