Tuesday, October 16, 2007

david coverversion: pink floyd vs. easy star all-stars vs. radiohead

i'm still kind of a rookie in the field of reggae, especially dub reggae and all that entails with sub-genres and what have you, but that don't stop me from searching. i have recently come across the easy star all-stars and their two albums. starting their own label to release 'dub side of the moon' (an excellent remake of pink floyd's legendary 'wizard of oz' soundtrack 'dark side of the moon') in 2003 and 'radiodread' in 2006, 'radiodread' being a complete reinvention of 'ok computer', the stars are sorta like a nyc reggae supergroup. both records come highly recommended as both are excellently recreated. as the title would speak, 'dub side..' is on the dub side of the fence and 'radiodread' is on the straight-forward reggae side. for lack of body in this article, you'll get a few cuts from each. also, rastafarians are way better than trustafarians.

pink floyd - speak to me/breathe
pink floyd - time
pink floyd - money
easy star all-stars - speak to me/breathe
easy star all stars - time
easy star all-stars - money

radiohead - let down
radiohead - karma police
radiohead - lucky
easy star all-stars - let down
easy star all-stars - karma police
easy star all-stars - lucky

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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