Saturday, October 6, 2007

the twilight singers part one

greg dulli likes 3 things: getting high, setting the scene up for some fucking, and some fucking. competently proven by his words and swagger in his two bands, the afghan whigs and the twilight singers. (the whigs link is really all greg dulli related shit but the music streamed from the singers link is boss.) i didn't really get into the whigs until their 1998 release '1965' but caught directly on and quickly worked my way backwards. after the whigs spilt, the twilight singers became a full-fledged musical entity, as dulli claims that the singers are him and whoever he happens to be playing with him at the time. the first two albums the singers released ('twilight as played by the twilight singers' and 'blackberry belle') are dark, lovelorn affairs showcased here in part one. the one two three donkey punch of 'love', 'annie mae', and 'verti-marte' from 'twilight as played...' is something else altogether. apparently greg dulli and longtime musical friend and collaborator mark lanegan started up the guttertwins, which is hopefully gonna be about taking ecstasy and destroying burger. mark lanegan has done more cool shit than you can wave a stick at: screaming trees, queens of the stone age, mark lanegan band, mad season, his duet album with isobel campbell and most recently his guest appearance on soulsavers new album. he also worked with some dudes named kurdt kobane and christ novocaine from some seattle band. the vines i think. or soundgarden maybe? so, in conclusion first time singers should peeps 'blackberry belle' first as it's a-fucking-mazing.

from 'twilight as played by the twilight singers'
annie mae

from 'blackberry belle'
esta noche
teenage wristband
the killer

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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