Wednesday, October 10, 2007

david coverversion: leonard cohen vs. johnny cash vs. sting

so sting huh? the police and shit? granted cat was in dune. granted cat likes tantric sexual intercourse. granted cat wrote 'king of pain' and 'message in a bottle'. so, i guess sting is pretty boss eh? somehow, sting wrote this murder ballad from the narrator's perspective looking back at the murder he committed just before he is hanged. johnny cash excellently covers it for his 'american iv: the man comes around' album. in fact he does it so well, you'd think that ol' gordie wrote the song specifically for the man himself. johnny also gives canadian poet laureate leonard cohen's 'bird on a wire' a shot as well for his first 'american' album. ever since i heard 'chelsea hotel no.2' for the first time, i've always had a sneaking suspicion that lenny here was a better songwriter than bob dylan. maybe people are afraid to agree with me because he's canadian, maybe not. maybe it's a huge government conspiracy, like 9/11. bobby even sang back up vocals for the phil spector produced 'don't go home with your hard-on' as he knew he was second fiddle in the scene.

sting - i hung my head
johnny cash- i hung my head
johnny cash - bird on a wire
leonard cohen - bird on a wire

leonard cohen - don't go home with your hard-on

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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